Why I’ll Always Be an Friends Fan

I haven’t missed a single episode of Friends in my life. Perhaps one of the reasons is that I don’t have many real-life friends. I was three years old when the first episode of Friends aired on TV, born in the early 1990s. We didn’t even own a television back then.

The Perfect Casting

I’m not sure how the show’s producers or directors chose the cast, but they did an excellent job. They’re just suitable for the characters.

Chandler’s Sarcasm is in this one.

Chandler’s jokes are the best! I am not a fan of it in real life. Weddings, but whenever I watch the ‘one where Monica and Chandler get married,’ I find myself in tears. Another reason I adore Chandler is that our character personalities are strikingly similar. Don’t pass judgment on me just yet!

The Story of the Simple Life

The Rembrandts sang the show’s theme song, now my phone’s ringtone. I press the ‘Skip Intro’ button on every other Netflix show I watch. But, because I’ve never used Friends, I’m not even sure if this button exists.

Phoebe’s Relationship

Phoebe is one of my favorite characters. I truly believe that! You might wonder why. There are numerous reasons for this. First and foremost, Phoebe is Friends’ only “almost vegan” character. Everyone has heard of ‘Smelly Cat,’ which has become synonymous with the show. I love it when she talks about turkeys in the “Thanksgiving” episodes and when she opposes fur in the “fur” episode.

Joey, the Foodie!

The Tribbianis can only do one thing: eat! Yes, Joey refuses to share food, is a fantastic roommate, and is perpetually broke. The last part sounds like me, but I’m nothing like Joey.

The piece that completes the puzzle is his innocent, child-like behavior, making him the cutest of the guys. Joey teaches us that even when he’s broke, he makes the best of his situation.

Monica Chandler Bing’s Relationship

“Mr. and Mrs. Bing!”  Chandler and Monica Bing are the perfect couples. Bill Gates was probably a fan of Friends, which is why he named Microsoft’s search engine ‘Bing.’ Monica is a fantastic character, and Courteney Cox did a tremendous job portraying her.

The Paleontologist’s Experiment

Geller, Ross Eustace. Seriously, who comes up with such a moniker? And, of course, they award him a Ph.D. and designate him as a paleontologist. I’m sorry for Ross. Friends wouldn’t be the same without him.

Rachel’s Relationship

I like Rachel, but she isn’t my favorite. The typical spoiled girly-girl character adds to the Friends plot, but she isn’t particularly ‘funny.’

Rachel was my minor character in the series, although I love Jennifer Aniston and am glad that this TV show helped her career soar. Nothing personal, but if there were one character in the series that I would have liked to see changed, it would have been this one. And, lest I forget, Rachel and Ross should never have met. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

It Has To Do With The 1990s

Friends are synonymous for most early millennials, and I’m a 90s kid. While the late millennial generation is obsessed with Stranger Things and Riverdale, our group can never give up Friends.

The One in Which I Acquired Some Life Lessons

Friends taught me a lot about life, as strange and funny as that may sound. Apart from the theme song, which is so relevant to my life, the series has taught me many simple lessons.

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