Why So Many Friends Fans Hate Ross Geller

Friends fans frequently express their dislike for Ross, and there are numerous reasons for this. Friends have maintained a cult following since its 2004 finale, despite many signs of aging. Much of the show’s outdated humor comes from self-proclaimed “nice guy” Ross Gellar, who is neither funny nor friendly.

Friends were one of the most popular shows of the late 1990s, lasting ten seasons. Like Frasier and Seinfeld, Friends is instantly recognizable, and its popularity hasn’t waned. While much of Friends’ humor is timeless, there are plenty of jokes that haven’t. Some notable examples are the near-constant barrage of heteronormativity and gender roles, Monica’s entire backstory, and much of Ross’ character.

Ross epitomizes the self-described “nice guy.” He is incredibly self-absorbed, disrespectful to others, and insistent on getting his way, irritating some viewers. Some men with similar entitlement issues to Ross have weaponized phrases like “friend zone” and “not all men” online after Ross’ storylines in Friends. The show’s storylines often revolve around Ross’ manipulative behavior to achieve his goals. His actions exemplify toxic masculinity – he constantly tries to prove himself as masculine and dominant, even when it isn’t required.

Consequences, such as dating his student and repeatedly telling Rachel “we were on a break,” only make things worse for him and those around him.

While Ross’s need to assert dominance is part of his character, it often is mean-spirited and unlikeable. Ross frequently belittles, undermines, and patronizes his friends. He frequently disparages Rachel’s achievements. Worst of all, he usually doesn’t notice he’s doing it. Ross is too self-important to see the upset he causes his friends and too determined to get his way to care.

The main issue with Ross is that he never changes much from his original character. Lesser-known characters develop relationships, pursue life goals, and evolve. On the other hand, Ross ends the show much as it began, obsessed with Rachel and determined to gave his way at all costs. Rachel gives up her dream job to stay with Ross, although their relationship has been toxic for ten seasons.

Friends will likely continue to be famous for a long time. As a show about figuring out what it means to be an adult, Friends will always have a core demographic of people who find it appealing. Sadly, Ross Gellar’s character’s message is unsettling. It should be a warning that any group of friends can have a belligerent and manipulative person like Ross.

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