Worst Things Ross, Rachel And Joey did on Friends

No Doubt Friends is the best show. It is the iconic show in the entire history but at sometimes the show has some flaws. There are some things that are not liked by some fans of the friends. Sometimes Ross, Chandler and even Joey are not the best. They did harm other group members on the show. There are the details of worst things they did to the other group members. Sometimes Ross was the meanest of the group and some time Joey wasn;t good. when Joey was completely dependent on Chandler it wasn’t good of him.

Believe it or not: Ross, Chandler, and Joey, and each of the horrendous and risky things they accomplished for a considerable length of time.

Friends: Perhaps you were soooo irritated when Ross abhorred his child playing with a Barbie doll, and thought it was sexiest as hellfire.


 Or on the other hand maybe you never perceived the reason why everybody thought Chandler was so sweet. He was really an impolite buddy!


Or on the other hand perhaps you observed Joey’s treatment toward ladies totally WEIRD.


Friends: The series is full of horrendous minutes from these folks. Thus, presently it’s the ideal opportunity for *you* to let us know which explicit minutes from Friends that made Ross, Chandler, and Joey really horrendous individuals.


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