Kaley Cuoco’s new project completes Penny’s TBBT dream.

Kaley Cuoco’s new project fulfils Penny’s Big Bang Theory goal. The CBS geek-centric sitcom ended three years ago. Since then, its cast members have starred in new projects, including Cuoco, who has secured several new parts. Penny wasn’t in The Big Bang Theory’s original pitch. Penny was added along with Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar). The quartet became the leading Pasadena group with Sheldon and Leonard. Penny had recently gone to California to become an actress. Her career struggled, requiring her to find other jobs to survive. She became a pharmaceutical sales rep and earned enough to live comfortably.

Cuoco’s Yes! Cuoco will play Doris Day in an upcoming production, fulfilling Penny’s Big Bang Theory dream. Based on A.E. Hotchner’s 1973 Doris Day: Her Own Story, the limited series will purportedly destroy her “nice girl” reputation by portraying what she went through behind the scenes. Regular Productions will produce the film, as they did with The Flight Attendant on HBO Max. Cuoco, playing Doris Day, delivers a glimpse of Penny’s life if she had become an actress at the end of The Big Bang Theory.

Big Bang Theory’s Penny Never Became an Actress

Kaley Cuoco Completes Penny’s TBBT Dream Come True In Her New Project

Penny worked hard to become a star, but she never made it. She did a few indie films and a musical before becoming more practical. Penny switched careers. As a successful pharmaceutical sales rep by the end of The Big Bang Theory, her pay was enough to support her and Leonard. This financial security could have allowed her to follow her old interest, but CBS never revisited the story in The Big Bang Theory. It would have been amazing if she had won the Nobel Prize in Physics like Sheldon.

Cuoco has recently chosen jobs that couldn’t be further from her Big Bang Theory character, which is understandable after 12 years. Some of her current gigs are related to her CBS sitcom stint. The actress will also portray a first-time mom in Thomas Vincent’s thriller Role Play. The Big Bang Theory concluded before Penny gave birth to her and Leonard’s child.

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