Kaley Cuoco shares excellent news from the bath

Kaley Cuoco has been captivating in HBO’s enormously popular The Flight Attendant as the reckless flight attendant. And she teased fans with some good news on her Instagram last week. The 36-year-old actress took the social media. By sharing a carousel of photographs from the most recent episode of the hit series. Among them was a photo of Kaley’s character, Annie Mouradian, soothing her on-screen closest friend in a claw-foot bathtub. Cassie Bowden’s lead character, Kaley, has returned for the second season, intensifying the intense drama. The actress, nominated for an Emmy, wrote in the caption: “Episode 7 of @flightattendantonmax is now available to watch online! It’s just when you think it’s all over…!”

On her Instagram page, Kaley announced the release of episode seven.

Kaley’s 7.3 million Instagram followers were happy to hear the news. With many praising her acting abilities. “Literally one of the excellent shows I have ever seen, Kaley. You are incredible,” one person commented. Another wrote: “Kaley is outstanding in the program and deserving of an Emmy nomination. I recommend that everyone watch this show.” A third supporter added: “This episode was just incredible!!! I’m dying from the cliffhanger.” In her developing relationship with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey, 39. The Big Bang Theory star revealed the news.

Earlier this month, the actress made her relationship with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey official.

The couple made their relationship official earlier this month. Kaley posted many photos of the American actor on her Instagram account. She most recently delighted admirers with a picture of Tom looking smitten. Captioned that “Heart on a sleeve.”

Tom answered, “Favorite person,” followed by several red heart emojis, echoing Kaley’s demonstration of adoration.

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