Kaley Cuoco Turns Axe-Throwing Action Hero into Mom Jeans and Boots

Kaley Cuoco Turns Axe-Throwing Action Hero into Mom Jeans and Boots

At an axe-throwing event, Kaley Cuoco got in touch with her inner action hero. The “Big Bang Theory” actress argued that casual clothes could be used to throw an axe. In a Wednesday Instagram video posted by actress Shontae Saldana, the star sprang into action wearing a relaxed but comfortable outfit. She put on a plain black crew-necked long-sleeved T-shirt and tucked it into a pair of light-wash jeans. The pants had a high waist & a loose, baggy fit. Her knees were ripped, and the seams of her pockets had a worn look. She also had a red belt with holsters on it.

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The star wore a big red ring with sparkly details in the shape of a smiley face and a thinner gold ring as accessories. She also wore layered three gold necklaces, one with lightning bolt data.

On her feet, Cuoco wore a pair of leather boots that were both useful and comfortable. The black boots had a curved toe and a thin rubber sole, but the heel was slightly thicker. The “Flight Attendant” actress has worn loose, boyfriend-style clothes before. When she’s not working or on the red carpet, the 36-year-old actress wears more comfortable clothes with a ’90s style.

Before her impression on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this summer, the star put on a pair of pale blue wide-leg jeans that were very baggy and flowed around her legs, making them look like old-fashioned “mom jeans.” She wore a red T-shirt and deep orange low-top Longchamp sneakers with the outfit. For her ‘Remix’ photo shoot, Kaley Cuoco wore a pair of Coach baggy pants without a zipper that showed off her printed boxers and a Calvin Klein double denim outfit with a swirling print.

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