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Kaley Cuoco’s Hair Has Changed Over the Years

When looking at celebrities for inspiration, Kaley Cuoco’s hairstyle always seems to come up first. The 36-year-old actress has altered her signature golden hair colour significantly since her debut in 8 Simple Rules.

2002: Mandy Moore ‘but Blonder’

Kaley Cuoco

In 2002, when she played Bridget Hennessy on the popular ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules, Cuoco became well known for the first time. The thick blonde highlights in her hair make us think of Mandy Moore in the early 2000s.

2006: The Big Bang (Theory)

Kaley Cuoco

Since all three seasons of 8 Simple Rules did well, Cuoco had to keep her character’s signature haircut. She didn’t let that stop her from wearing wispy bangs, which is something every girl has tried and (usually) regretted.

2010: Long Hair, Don’t Care

Kaley Cuoco

Now that “8 Simple Rules” are long gone, the actress let her hair grow to one of its most extended lengths. Is it just us, or does Kaley Cuoco look like Dolores from Westworld, played by Evan Rachel Wood?

2013: A Drastic Change

Kaley Cuoco

At the 19th annual SAG Awards, Cuoco walked the red carpet with platinum blonde hair and a complete set of bangs. Bazinga! This hairstyle has never been seen before.

2013: Just Kidding

Kaley Cuoco

After a month, nothing had changed with her hair.

2015: The Pixie Cut

Kaley Cuoco

In 2015, Kaley changed her look by getting a sandy pixie cut. The actress went for a more edgy look by cutting her hair shorter on the sides and leaving it longer on top to act as bangs. (Does the third time work?)

2016: Growing Pains

Kaley Cuoco

We’ve all been through the awkward process of growing up. However, Cuoco made it look easy by wearing a layered bob that ended just above her shoulders. Tip: Her shadow roots are perfect for women who can’t dye their hair as often as they’d like.

2017: The Lob

Kaley Cuoco

After a year, Cuoco wore a stylish lob called a “long bob.” The actress bent her hair away from her face, giving her a beachy look with lots of texture.

2022: Current Status

Kaley CUoco

Today, Cuoco has a modern take on the hairstyle that has become her trademark. At Between Two Ferns: The Movie in Los Angeles premiere, the actress parted her hair down the middle and let it hang in loose waves down her back.

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