Night Court Star Melissa Rauch Feeds Our Social Media Update Cravings

So it’s been about two months since we last checked in on the resurrection of Reinhold Weege’s well-known sitcom Night Court, starring and executive producing Melissa Rauch, John Larroquette, and Dan Rubin. Just in case you forgot, Rubin’s follow-up series introduces viewers to judge Abby Stone (Rauch), daughter of the late Harry Stone, who is unrepentant and hopeful (the late Harry Anderson). Following her father’s footsteps, Abby oversees a Manhattan arraignment court’s night shift while attempting to maintain order among its eccentric and cynical staff, including former night court prosecutor Dan Fielding (Larroquette).

The series also features India de Beaufort, Kapil Talwalkar, Lauretta, Dimiter Marinov, Rauch, and Larroquette. We discovered earlier this week that the staff had returned from vacation and was working thanks to Lauretta again. But Rauch gave us some social media material to pore over as we wait for the first teaser. And once more, thanks to the entire cast. It doesn’t have to be significant; how about a fast 10-second video update or a set-wide wave? Because both this and the Quantum Leap revival starring Raymond Lee are much anticipated.

Here is a look at Rauch’s post from outside her dressing room, where she is wearing shades and providing a fantastic glimpse of the show’s emblem (if it isn’t just the production logo, which it might be):

De Beaufort will play Olivia, the Type A, flimsy, and tightly wound associate district attorney for the court. In Olivia’s eyes, the night court is merely a stepping stone to more and better things. She is above this place and everyone in it, but it is an excellent opportunity for her to gain courtroom experience. That is a part of her strategy to get a job at a major company. Before she knows it, she’ll be thirty, and if she hasn’t become tremendously successful by then, it’s probably better not to worry about it.

Donna “Gurgs” Gurganous, played by Lauretta, is generous-hearted, intense, and unyielding of rules. Gurus, who take her job seriously, becomes quickly agitated and is ferociously protective of her night court coworkers. She resides in a modest Bay Ridge apartment with numerous large dogs. As the court’s clerk, Neil’s (Talwalkar) responsibility is to maintain order, but this has become much more difficult since a new idealist judge has taken over. The maintenance worker on the court is Nikolai Marinov. Nikolai is a recurring figure in the building and frequently appears in the crew’s daily activities. Everyone in and around the courthouse is confused by him (and he likes it that way).
Larroquette is slated to produce, and Rauch, Winston Rauch, and Rubin executive produce through the Warner Bros. TV-based After January production firm. Warner Bros. Deadline pays after January in collaboration with the original series studio. The casting announcement was first covered exclusively by Hollywood.

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