TBBT: 7 Best Games Invented by Sheldon

Although TBBT fans know that Sheldon was a fantastic scientist, they sometimes forget that he was also a creative gaming genius. Throughout the run of TBBT, the group played a lot of fun and exciting games. They liked the sessions so much that they came up with their own, which made them even geekier.

Three-Person Chess

Even though three-person chess already exists in the real world, Sheldon Cooper made his version of this niche game that solves the “balanced centre combat-area problem” through “transitional quadrilateral-to-triangular tessellation.”

Physics Fiesta

In the ep “Re-Entry Minimization” (Season 6, Episode 4), the gang organized a game night while they waited for Howard to come home from space. There were many memorable and meme-worthy moments during the game that night.

Sheldon’s Research Lab

“The Guitarist Amplification” (Season 3, Episode 7) starts with Research Lab, a made-up board game made by a well-known genius. In it, players roll dice to move near the board and draw a card, which might help the city by giving it a grant from the Department of Defense or make terrible things happen (like a nuclear meltdown).

Counter Factual

The Counter Factual was used in “The Zazzy Substitution.” In it, players define a situation in a made-up world, ask a question, and then wait for the other player to defend their answer. In this game, rhinoceroses can be kept as pets, and pianos can be used as weapons. Amy, another brilliant scientist on the show, came up with them (Season 4, Episode 3).

Element Names

In Season 2, Ep 5, “The Euclid Alternative,” one of Sheldon’s many car games used to break the ice. Sheldon wanted to return his Star Wars sheets, so he went to Penny’s door early in the morning and asked for a ride in her car.


In the episode “The Large Hadron Collision,” Sheldon used a made-up car game to express himself (Season 3, Episode 15). Leonard was invited to a conference in Switzerland so he could see the CERN supercollider. Sheldon thought Leonard would take him with him, but he was wrong.

Identifying Noises

In season 11 of “The Big Bang Theory,” Sheldon and Penny come up with another car game. While Sheldon made high-pitched sounds like sirens, Leonard tried to figure out what the sounds meant and tell the difference between the French police and the Belgium ambulance.

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