TBBT: 8 Memes That Properly Describe Penny as a Character

TBBT: 8 Memes That Properly Describe Penny as a Character

Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” will ever know Kaley Cuoco as “Penny,” but newer fans will recognize her from “The Flight Attendant” on HBO. In May, Cuoco said that The Flight Attendant had “landed” and that season 2 was an excellent place to end Cassie’s story. Variety reported that Cuoco wasn’t against the idea of a third season.

8. Penny lived life on the edge.

It wasn’t clear how long Penny and Leonard had been together. At one moment, no one knew if they were just friends, neighbours, or out. Penny and Leonard had a lot of doubts about their relationship because they were different.

7. Accurate

The TBS Network shared this meme, which showed how each character might use a glue stick. TBS thought Penny’s glue would look like a mess since Howard, Bernadette, and Sheldon’s glue was well-organized and straightforward.

6. Penny & Sheldon Had Different Ideas About Laundry Days

The fact that Sheldon and Penny were different from each other made their friendship one of the best. Because they were so different, they could only learn and grow from each other. Because of each other, they both grew into well-rounded people.

5. Penny loved her wine.

Some fans thought Penny worsened as the series continued because she always had a glass of wine with dinner or after a hard day. Penny’s nights out with Amy and Bernadette were fun to watch, but some people thought her drinking made her angrier.

4. Two Best Friends Working Together

It seems strange to think of Penny as Mrs Cooper. Penny and Leonard treated Sheldon like their children rather than friends or roommates. Not to mention that Penny and Sheldon had no romantic chemistry. They didn’t treat each other like husband and wife, but more like family.

3. A Love of Tea and Gossip

One of the most notable changes in Sheldon’s character was when he told Kaley that he thought Amy could have a physical future with him. She asked Sheldon if he could ever see himself getting close to Amy. When he said yes, Penny was taken aback. They had been dating for years.

2. The End Of An Era

When something comes to an end, it can make you feel many different things. She didn’t like it when her favourite shows ended, just like people were sad when The Big Bang Theory did. In this meme, Kaley Cuoco’s face says everything.

1. Besties Who Match

Even though Raj was in a few relationships, he often had more female friends than romantic partners. This was especially true with Kaley Cuoco. Even though Raj once liked Penny and spent a night together, they were always better off as friends.

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