The Absolute Worst Thing Leonard-Ever Did To Penny On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory’s debut episode, which aired in September 2007, foretold the relationship between Leonard and Penny. The two were introduced in the first few minutes of the popular sitcom’s pilot. Johnny Galecki’s character Leonard was immediately smitten by the vivacious blonde waitress moving into the apartment down the hall. After much will-they-won’t-they drama, the timid experimental physicist took some time to summon the nerve to take Penny (the invariably entertaining Kaley Cuoco) out. He even messed up the first time he tried to make it clear that it was a date. After a few seasons of The Big Bang Theory, the couple finally began dating. Despite their many differences, most viewers wanted the couple to succeed in their relationship.

Nevertheless, no union is flawless, and Big Bang Theory viewers had to endure many ups and downs in the Lenny union (Leonard and Penny). During their relationship, Leonard did many great, romantic things for Penny, but he did plenty of terrible things for her. How many of us say that someone sent us a snowflake from the North Pole?

A long list of indiscretions within Leonard and Penny’s relationship

In light of Leonard’s countless interpersonal offences against Penny. It is challenging to single out one particularly horrible thing he did to her. He was envious when Penny let her ex-boyfriend sleep on her couch only a few weeks after they first started dating (for the first time). He was also envious when Penny collaborated with a classmate on college work. Another time Leonard didn’t encourage Penny’s desire to pursue her acting career led to his jealousy when she found success in a different line of work and began earning more money than him.

Leonard also read Penny’s diary, didn’t tell his mother that he and Penny were dating, and concealed cash from Penny because he didn’t trust her to manage it. Leonard also revised Penny’s college paper because he didn’t think hers was good enough. When you list some of Leonard’s worst actions, it almost seems like a list of warning signs that women should watch out for when dating. The worst thing he ever did to Penny was what, though? There are many throughout their relationship to pick from. But in our opinion, destroying her wedding day takes the prize (no pun intended).

Leonard, that was not the time for a confession…

Leonard and Penny decide in The Big Bang Theory’s season 8 finale to be married on a whim in Las Vegas rather than stage a lavish white wedding after a long engagement and no sign of wedding preparation. Though perhaps not the happily ever after Lenny supporters were looking for, the last-minute choice fit with Penny’s more laid-back disposition. Even though Penny tends to be laid back, nobody should interfere with the bride on her wedding day. On a day when most women are already anxious and eager at the same time, it is highly uncool.

It only asks for bridezilla to come to add another emotion to the mix. Leonard, however, decides that now is the perfect time to tell his fiancée that he truly cheated on her a few years ago as they are driving to Vegas. Of course, Leonard, a bride-to-be, wants to learn that her fiancé had a lip lock with another woman while they were dating as she prepares to walk down the aisle. What’s worse is that throughout their relationship—and, to be honest, even when they weren’t a couple—Leonard had been intensely envious of everything Penny did with another man.

Leonard responds by pointing out that Penny was the one who claimed they knew everything about one another. Thus, she naturally wants to know why he would tell her at that particular time. It is obvious that he is using it as a stall tactic after recognising he was wrong to admit his moment of infidelity, but it still aims to make her feel guilty. Penny advises Leonard to “keep your tongue off other ladies” when Leonard asks what he should do about it, which seems like a reasonable request in the context of a relationship.

Don’t mess with the bride.

In the end, Penny chooses to proceed with the wedding, but Leonard’s confession has an immediate impact. Penny was excited when they initially left Pasadena for Vegas. Still, now she looks dissatisfied with the preparations for the wedding, even saying. “Don’t push it,” when Leonard suggested it would be the happiest day of their lives. When they get to the wedding chapel, Penny still seems to find Leonard’s efforts to plan their wedding arrangements annoying. The story picks up where the season 8 finale of The Big Bang Theory left off. With the season 9 opener.

After saying “I do,” Penny and her new husband return to their hotel room to begin their honeymoon. Still, she cannot even kiss him without visualising him doing the same with the other lady. When Leonard tries to calm her down, Penny learns a more terrible truth. He reveals that he works with the lady he cheated on Penny and frequently met at the university. The least appropriate response to the situation is Leonard’s suggestion. That they try to have a baby in response to Penny’s most recent outburst of rage. The two spend their first night apart as a married couple because Penny is so furious about the whole thing.

She rushes back to her apartment and slams the door in Leonard’s face. By the time they get back to their house. Leonard is yelling at his new wife and attempting to place some responsibility on her shoulders. Leonard doesn’t admit that he is unquestionably to blame for this disagreement until the end of the season 9 premiere. And only to his roommate Sheldon (Jim Parsons), not to his new wife. Even though it is wise to avoid bothering a woman on her wedding day, Leonard’s statement makes it look like the couple’s marriage was already doomed before getting off the ground. For Leonard and Penny’s sake, they persevere. And manage to be honest with one another about their worries and doubts. And at the show’s conclusion, Penny had unintentionally become pregnant with Leonard’s child. Does it all work out in the end?

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