The Big Bang Theory: 10 BTS-Pics That Make Fans Miss The Series

The Big Bang Theory may be over, but fans still miss the show, the cast, and the behind-the-scenes photos.

After 12 seasons of iconic television, The Big Bang Theory ended with almost 280 episodes. The series starred a close-knit group of actors and actresses who became each other’s, on-set family. Just like the group of best friends on the screen, the actors and actresses apart in the show were just as close. This became evident when the show wrapped in 2019. Because of how influential The Big Bang Theory was for science and television, the show stars posted adorable behind-the-scenes shots on their social media accounts.

10. Even Guest Stars Felt Like Family

BTS-TBBT-stuart-with-wil-wheaton-and-bernadette-zack-and-penny-back-again.jpg (740×370)

Wil Wheaton had a unique role on the show because he had a recurring role as himself. He started as Sheldon’s nemesis but later became a good friend and a fun part of the series. Stuart also had a long-running role in the series as everyone’s favourite comic book store owner. Likewise, Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack was only her boyfriend for a short time but had such fun banter with Sheldon and Leonard that he too came back on the series in more ways than one. Seeing Wil Wheaton, Kevin Sussman, and Brian Thomas Smith (Zack) behind the scenes with the cast brings back all the feels.

9. The Women Of The Big Bang Theory

penny-amy-and-bernadette-on-tbbt.jpg (740×370)

Nothing makes TBBT fans happier than seeing girls’ night come to life. On the show, the three women would get together in Penny’s apartment and sip on tea or wine while venting about their men or their jobs.

8. Downtime Off Camera

tbbt-behind-the-scenes-crew-off-cameras.jpg (740×370)

After being together every day for 12 seasons, the cast of The Big Bang Theory became close on and off set. Seeing these pictures in the makeup room and between sets proves how much fun they have when the cameras aren’t rolling.

7. Long Workdays With Close Friends

Behind-the-scenes-of-the-big-bang-theory-the-whole-cast.jpg (740×370)

According to Deadline, those on TBBT filmed 3.5 days a week. While this allowed the cast to work on different projects while still working on the famed sitcom, it also allowed them to spend ample time together.

6.Shamy Forever

BTS-thbbt-amy-and-sheldons-wedding.jpg (740×370)

Amy and Sheldon (aka Shamy) quickly became one of the show’s favourite couples. For starters, Amy had enough patience to stick by Sheldon’s side and give him the confidence to allow himself to become vulnerable. The two had their doubts. But they were married by the 11th season. Watching them grow on the show was a long-running storyline. Now that Shamy is no more, Mayim and Jim Parsons (Sheldon) still make a point to stay in touch. They’re even producing a new show that Mayim stars in, Call Me Kat.

5.Shot In Front Of A Live Studio Audience

TBBT-opening-with-a-live-audience-tbbt.jpg (740×370)

Those on The Big Bang Theory were lucky enough to perform in front of a live studio audience at Warner Bros Studios. A show fan wrote of their experience as a live audience member and how excellent the cast was. Each scene took about two or three tries before the directors moved on to the next scene. Microphones were above the audience’s heads to record their laughter throughout the show, which would then be attached to the final version. After the show, the actors came out and thanked the audience for watching and supporting them.

4. An Emotional End

Season-11-of-the-big-bang-theory-bts.jpg (740×370)

Considering how much time the cast spent together, their last season was remarkable. The cast and crew took and posted countless behind-the-scenes pictures together so they would remember the small moments. In particular, Kaley Cuoco (Penny) posted plenty of BTS pictures of their final days on set that were filled with tears and emotional breakdowns.

3 Famous Guest Stars

BTS-images-of-tbbt-with-raj-leonard-and-penny.jpg (740×370)

The famous sitcom had its fair share of famous guest stars over the years, and one of them was Star Wars’ Mark Hamill. Mark ended up officiating Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, which was a real treat for the actors and the characters. Showrunner Steve Holland told the Hollywood Reporter that Hamill was at the top of their list when thinking of guest stars for Shamy’s wedding. Before signing Hamill to the series, the writers didn’t have a script yet but knew he would be perfect for an episode. Holland said Hamill eventually agreed to the part without even seeing the script.

2. The Cast’s Greatest Experience

Kunal-getting-ready-and-kaley-sleeping-bts-tbbt.jpg (740×370)

Unlike the rest of his friends, Raj was the only one who ended the series single. However, it was probably for the best in the grand scheme of things. Raj was still getting to know himself as a man without a partner. Settling for someone just to say he had a wife wasn’t worth it.

1. A Close-Knit Bond

the-cast-of-tbbt-on-set-bts.jpg (740×370)

The cast is so close to each other that Cuoco even suggested some kind of reboot after a year of being off-air. “Everyone’s doing rebooting. We might as well do it in, like, a year!” she told E! News. Sadly, no talk of a reboot has happened. But the Sheldon Cooper spinoff, Young Sheldon, is still going strong with Jim Parsons behind the camera. It’s only a matter of time before the group comes back as guest stars in that series.

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