The Big Bang Theory: 10 Of Kaley Cuoco’s Most Wholesome Instagram Posts

After playing Penny on The Big Bang Theory for 12 seasons, Kaley Cuoco became one of the highest-paid women on TV. She solidified herself as one of the most talented and hardworking actresses in the industry. Some even said she was the next Jennifer Aniston.

10.Her Love Of Horses Is More Than A Hobby

Kaley Cuoco's Horses Are Getting More Famous Than Her, and That's a Problem!

Kaley has always been drawn to horses but that love was heightened after marrying a professional.

9.She Recently Celebrated Two Years Of Marriage

Kaley Cuoco's Second Marriage Comes to an End After Just 3 Years |

In June of 2018, Kaley made it official with Karl Cook when they married in front of friends and family. The couple became engaged after dating for a year and had their dream wedding less than a year later in San Diego.

8.She Has More Pets Than Just Doggos!

Kaley Cuoco Adopts Dog After Death of Pet Norman Earlier This Year |

Kaley and Karl are the ultimate pet lovers. Not only do they own 30+ horses but they have dogs, bunnies, piglets, and even goats! Above, Kaley proves how cute piglets are after adopting two! It’s hard to keep up with how many pets Kaley and Karl have because they’re constantly adopting and rescuing animals who need a home. And with a $12 million, 40-acre farm, she has room for pets of all sizes.

7.And She Fosters Animals

Kaley Cuoco Adopts New Dog Larry 5 Months After Pup Norman's Death

Perhaps it’s hard to count how many animals Kaley has because she also fosters them until she finds them a loving home! The Woof Republic noted that in the past, Kaley fostered a 10-year-old Chihuahua who needed a home.

6.Cup of Cuoco Is A Morning Routine

Kaley Cuoco Morning Routine - Kaley Cuoco Coffe, Workout, Skincare

Fans who follow Kaley noticed that she started doing a morning Instagram “talk show” of sorts called Cup of Cuoco.

5.Snug As A Bug

Kaley and Karl take some of the most adorable pictures together. They seem so comfortable and so in-sync, it’s hard not to root for them. After Kaley divorced her first husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting, she was soon seen hanging out with Karl Cook. The two bonded over their love of horses and pets and soon became inseparable.

4.She Can’t Live Without Her Animals

Kaley Cuoco 'devastated' after 2 of her dogs die within days of each other | Metro News

It doesn’t get more wholesome than Kaley’s admiration for her pets; especially her dog Norman. Kaley has been vocal about her love for Norman who has been with her for the past 15 years. She loves him so much that she said she wanted to tattoo his face on her body at some point.

3.All In The Family

Kaley Cuoco shares rare family snap – and she looks just like her mum | HELLO!

Seeing Kaley kiss her foal is an adorable moment. Born at home on their ranch, Kaley named her newborn horse Zena. Zena appears to be a nice distraction for Kaley after the star had to say goodbye in March to the dwarf pony she rescued. Kaley told her followers that dwarf ponies should not be bred and they have horrible medical issues, which is why she takes so many in on her ranch. Kaley and Karl did what they could to make their pony, Fiona, be more comfortable but she was in too much pain.

2.A Couple That Does It All

Kaley Cuoco and Ex Johnny Galecki's Friendship Through the Years

When Kaley isn’t working or tending to her animals, she’s competing in riding and jumping competitions. Thanks to her Instagram, Kaley looks like she’s always training in the gym so she’s strong enough to control a horse for her competitions.

1.Her Love For Her Big Bang Theory Co-Stars

The Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco can't wait to get married

It was an emotional end for Kaley when she wrapped up 12 years of being on the same show with co-stars that became her family. The Big Bang Theory became an instant success, mainly due to the connections between the cast. Everyone was friends on set and was there for each other’s most significant moments for 12 years.

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