The Flight Attendant Fans couldn’t Tell Kaley Cuoco Apart From Her Double

Kaley Cuoco probably doesn’t know how big a star she is. Even worse, the actress would watch The Big Bang Theory with the mute button. Since The Flight Attendant, the star has done very well. Not only is everyone saying great things about her, but she has also made some close friends. We’ll look at one of them along with her double. Also, we’ll look at how similar the two are to each other.

Kaley Cuoco worried about how people would react to The Flight Attendant.


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Since Kaley Cuoco had been working on a sitcom for so long, it has only natural that she would be scared to start a new world and a new project. Cuoco’s team told her not to read the reviews that would come after the first episode aired. In the end, Cuoco did not follow this rule, but she told Collider that the praise blew her away.

Even though she was successful, Cuoco’s nerves did not go away. Instead, it was just as hard to raise the bar for season 2. “Oh, I was terrified. I had to talk to many people before I was fully on board. Because of that, I was apprehensive about it. “Guys, we got away with it,” I told them. Let’s go. Leave it. Let’s get back to living our lives. We’re delighted, and that’s all.” I was terrified. It went well, and we did set a very high standard. Cuoco made it all work, and she also made some great friends behind the scenes. One was with Monette Moio, who was a double for her.

Fans here shocked by Kaley Cuoco’s double Monette Moio.

Cuoco posted the video with her double, showing the two dancing on the last day of filming for the second season.


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According to 2 paragraphs, Monette is no foreigner to double work. She has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, like Lily James (in “Pam and Tommy”), Kate Hudson, Lizzy Caplan (in “Truth Be Told”), Evan Rachel Wood (in “Westworld”), & Ana de Armas (in the upcoming Marilyn Monroe movie “Blonde”). Monette herself had a great time working with Cuoco, and the two ended up becoming friends who hang out and have dinners together when they’re not on set.


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Now you can watch the first two episodes of @flightattendantonmax! Being a small part of this amazing show was the most fantastic thing I’ve ever done. Working with @kaleycuoco was like taking a master class one-on-one. No one likes Kaley Cuoco, and it was a true gift to see everyone’s hard work and tireless efforts up close. Moio had nothing but good things to say about her and Cuoco’s work in The Flight Attendant. It’s fantastic to see how everyone’s ideas and skills come to life from start to finish. This season is going to be great!

Thanks for having me, @dbrowntrout. “

The double had a great time, and it’s something she’ll never forget. Most of the time, they are highly valued cast members. This is just one better example of how important a double can be to a movie or TV show.

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