Why did "The Big Bang Theory" change Amy's mother's role?

Why did “The Big Bang Theory” change Amy’s mother’s role?

CBS changed the actress who played Amy Farrah Fowler’s (Mayim Bialik) mother without telling anyone. After a few years off, the Blossom actress returned to acting in the CBS geek sitcom. Amy quickly became Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) love interest, and what was supposed to be a one-time guest spot turned into a regular gig. As she became a more significant part of the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory also told us about her past and how she was connected to people she knew.

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Sheldon and Amy’s relationship grew slowly in The Big Bang Theory because of everything else going on with the rest of the Pasadena group. This worked because neither of them knew how to deal with their growing feelings for each other. In season 4, when they finally started dating, Amy used a video call to introduce Sheldon to her mother. At that time, Annie O’Donnell played Mrs Fowler. Kathy Bates had taken her place when Sheldon and Amy married in season 11 of The Big Bang Theory.

How the Big Bang Theory changed when Amy’s mom got a new role

Why did "The Big Bang Theory" change Amy's mother's role?

Even though it ran for more than a decade, The Big Bang Theory didn’t often change its cast. CBS could keep its main and supporting cast together for a long time. So, it wasn’t often that Mrs Fowler had a different actor. Even though the new person only showed up a few times, it did affect the plot of the sitcom. With Bates’s strong presence, the show was able to show the character as a bossy mother and wife, which was especially clear at Amy and Sheldon’s wedding. Mrs Fowler tried to control Mrs Fowler, played by Teller, in the last season of The Big Bang Theory. Teller recently played a different character on Young Sheldon as a guest star.

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Since The Big Bang Theory ended suddenly after season 12, Bates’ Mrs Fowler didn’t get to appear in any more episodes. She could have joined Mary Cooper, played by Laurie Metcalf, and Beverly Hofstadter, played by Christine Baranski. As one of the most famous moms in the series. Since Amy has been a guest star on Young Sheldon, the CBS prequel might also be able to find a way to have Bates play Sheldon’s mother-in-law.

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