Why Young Sheldon Is More Exciting Than The Big Bang Theory

Why Young Sheldon Is More Exciting Than The Big Bang Theory

There is a personal reason why Young Sheldon is often a lot more dramatic and sometimes darker than its predecessor, The Big Bang Theory. Since its first episode in 2018. Young Sheldon has worked hard to avoid being a copy of The Big Bang Theory. Even though Young Sheldon’s main character is the same as the earlier hit. The show has been mostly successful, ditching The Big Bang Theory’s multi-camera setup for a one-camera style.

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The Big Bang Theory had a laugh track, but Young Sheldon did not. It also changed from a hangout show to a family sitcom, which was another way it differed from the earlier hit. But now that a Young Sheldon season 6 church tease seems to show that the show will only get more dramatic as it continues. It’s worth asking why this spinoff of The Big Bang Theory has so many more emotional storylines than its parent show. One reason could be that Young Sheldon doesn’t want to be compared to another similar show.

The drama of Young Sheldon makes it hard to compare it to the Goldbergs.

Why Young Sheldon Is More Exciting Than The Big Bang Theory

The Goldbergs is friendlier and funnier than Young Sheldon, which focuses more on drama and feels less like a copy of the first show. The Goldbergs is more of a broad character comedy than Young Sheldon, with plots about cheating and money problems. And teen pregnancy mixed in with the main character’s everyday teen problems. So, even though Young Sheldon and The Goldbergs share a lot of creative DNA. Young Sheldon could stand out from The Goldbergs because the tone of the two shows is different. Some of the best episodes of Young Sheldon are about funny, low-stakes misadventures. When Sheldon goes to a comic convention without permission. The Big Bang Theory spinoff needed more dramatic plots to set itself apart from The Goldbergs.

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Like any long-running sitcom, The Goldbergs had some sadder episodes. But that’s to be expected. Jeff Garlin played the family’s patriarch from seasons 1 to 8 until he has fired. They will likely be missing more than ever in season 10. Currently, the show is editing Garlin into The Goldbergs episodes, which is a bit awkward. However, it seems likely that The Goldbergs season 10 will stop doing this and kill off the character. It stays to be seen if this means that The Goldbergs will become as dramatic as The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon. But the two shows are now good enough that viewers no longer need a different tone to tell them apart.

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