10 Biggest Mistakes Made By Voldemort that Made Him Lose Against Harry Potter

Lord Voldemort is the most feared evil wizard in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but his own mistakes have cost him dearly.
Voldemort is a name that even those who aren’t fans of the Harry Potter novel are likely to recognize. He is the most well-known dark wizard in the franchise and the first enemy that Wizarding World fans encounter. Despite his fearsome reputation, he was defeated by a barely competent Harry Potter.
It seemed implausible that a teenager who hadn’t even finished high school would be able to defeat the world’s most powerful dark wizard, yet he did. This was less to his abilities than Voldemort’s own mistakes. Voldemort’s blunders led to his loss due to underestimating the wizards surrounding him and his complete lack of comprehension of more profound types of magic.

Making Horcruxes

Voldemort’s greatest fear was death, and he would have done anything to avoid meeting his doom. He utilized murder to successfully split his soul into numerous pieces, which he then hid to keep them safe. He began researching the dark arts while still in school to find a solution to mortality, and he discovered Horcruxes.

However, because his soul was broken, he put himself in a weaker position. When his curse on Harry resurfaced, his soul separated inadvertently again. By inadvertently implanting a piece of his soul into Harry, Voldemort created a wizard who was uniquely capable of destroying him.

Talking to Slughorn

In Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince, Professor Slughorn appears. Tom Riddle wondered if it was possible to split his soul more than once while researching Horcruxes. He believed that the number 7 had mystical significance and that having that many soul bits would strengthen him. But before pushing further with his scheme, young Voldemort needed more knowledge, so he resorted to Horace Slughorn’s professor.
Voldemort had no faith in anyone, but he expected that if Slughorn were ever questioned about what he had told him, the value he placed on his reputation would prevent him from disclosing it. While Voldemort was correct, he misjudged Harry’s ability to pry such information from Slughorn.

House-Elf Magic is underappreciated.

Voldemort erected massive magical barriers around the Horcruxes’ hiding spots. He borrowed a House-elf from Regulus Black, one of his disciples, to secure one properly. Kreacher, the elf who led Voldemort into the cave to store Slytherin’s locket, was that elf.

Voldemort compelled Kreacher to swallow the lethal poison to test its efficacy and then left him to die in a book scenario from Deathly Hallows that would have been hard to adapt to the film. A wizard could not disappear from the cave, but Voldemort was unaware that this rule did not apply to a House-elf. Regulus utilized Kreacher’s information to recover the locket himself after Kreacher returned.

Assume No One Was Aware of Hogwarts’ Secrets

In Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement, Voldemort was so arrogant that he believed no one else in Hogwarts history had ever uncovered the castle’s hidden secrets. As a result, he assumed no one would ever find one of his Horcruxes when he buried it in the Room of Requirement.

Hundreds of other students, including Harry and Malfoy, had figured out the secrets of this area. Voldemort was so confident in the wreath’s safety that he didn’t bother recovering it when he discovered Harry was hunting his Horcruxes. This blunder exemplified Voldemort’s arrogance and contributed significantly to his demise.

The Diary Is Given To Lucius

Voldemort was triumphant in finding and opening the Chamber of Secrets during his time at Hogwarts. However, he opted to close it again out of fear of the school being closed and him losing his home. He put a piece of his soul in a diary and planned to later plant it in the school to assure that the Chamber would reopen.
Voldemort entrusted this diary to Lucius Malfoy before his disappearance. Lucius was supposed that to keep it safe, but now that the Dark Lord has vanished, he has utilized it for his ends. Voldemort learned the diary had been destroyed when he returned, and he cruelly chastised Lucius, but the damage to his soul have already done.

Listening to the Prophecy

The only reason Voldemort pursued Harry in the first place was that he discovered a prophecy predicting his death that at the hands of a boy born at the end of July. He went after the person he thought the sign was about. Still, his attack merely resulted in him imparting his powers to the infant, specifically preparing Harry to fulfill the prophecy.

Dumbledore tells Harry that if Voldemort had just disregarded the prophecy, it would never have come true, which is a fact from the Harry Potter books that almost no one remembers. He ensured that Harry’s mother would sacrifice herself for him, that Harry would become a Horcrux, and that Voldemort himself would be defeated by hearing it and acting on it.

Trusting Narcissa

Voldemort ordered Narcissa Malfoy to check that Harry was dead after failing to murder him again but unwittingly succeeding in destroying the part of his soul that resided in him. He should have recognized that Narcissa would have done anything, including turning on her master, to get back to her son in the castle.

Narcissa falsely told the Voldemort that Harry was dead so they could all return to castle when Harry discreetly confirmed that Draco was alive. Voldemort had no faith in his followers, but his hubris led him to assume that they feared him too much to betray him.

Assuming The Elder Wand Was Transferred Through Murder

Voldemort realized he needed to build a powerful wand that could vanquish Harry when Harry’s wand regurgitated Voldemort’s abilities back at him. He thought he was unstoppable once he had it before. He began searching for the Elder Wand, which he eventually discovered buried alongside Dumbledore.

The rod was faithful to Harry, meaning it would not murder him, which was one of most unexpected thing to happen in the Harry Potter. On the other hand, the wand was hesitant to work for him. He correctly deduced that the rod belonged to someone else but erroneously assumed it belonged to the person who had murdered its prior owner: Snape. He didn’t realize that the wand could only be obtained by force, not murder.

Trusting Severus Snape

Voldemort was not a trusting man, but he assumed that other wizards were the same because he valued power. Snape had initially joined Voldemort as a devoted disciple seeking power and glory. After losing his childhood love, Snape became determined to his goal to protect Harry and apprehend Lily’s murderer, a purpose to which he remained committed until his death.

Voldemort, for his part, felt Snape’s interest in Lily was purely sexual. Voldemort had no idea what kind of love Snape had for Lily. Thus he could never understand why Snape would turn against him. This naive faith in Snape’s desire for power blinded him to how Snape was destroying Voldemort’s plans.

Love’s Power Is Underappreciated

Harry Potter is a fictional character create by J. Snape, Severus Death of Lily Potter Alan Rickman is a British actor who play role of Alan Rickman.
As the greatest wizard in Harry Potter history, Dumbledore understood the power of love and how it would lead to Voldemort’s defeat. Having never had passion, Voldemort was unable to comprehend the authentic magical power that came with love. As a result, he was failed to dread what love could accomplish ultimately.

These actions included the arcane magic of love that Voldemort had never considered, Lily’s sacrifice for her son, Narcissa’s deception for get back to Draco, Snape’s job as a double agent, and Harry sacrificing his life in forest for his friends. He would never have underestimated this magic, and he would never have lost if he had realized how superior it was to his own.

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