13 Harry Potter Themed Airbnbs for Every Fan’s Dream Vacation

These spectacular and immersive Airbnbs, which cater to Harry Potter fans worldwide, are guaranteed to bring a little bit of enchantment to your travels, whether in North America, Europe, or Asia. It’s safe to say that these Harry Potter Airbnbs went above and beyond when it came to attention to detail, featuring enchanted chambers, Hogwarts houses’ distinctive colours, and locations right out of Diagon Alley. These Airbnbs include everything from Hogwarts-themed residences to some of the places where the renowned movies were filmed. Spending more time exploring these areas and the rooms would be best. Everything from Butter Beer to your house robes to the letter you’ve been waiting for from Hogwarts is hidden away. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the only things still missing.

1. Harry Potter Fan School Dorm with Breakfast

When you awaken at this incredibly fantastic Harry Potter Airbnb, you’ll feel like you just got your Hogwarts letter. It is located in Salem, Massachusetts, and is known as the Fan School Dorm. It has many genuine elements. To begin with, you must know the password to enter this area. Next, decide who will sleep in Harry’s bed and who will sleep in Ron’s bed. Fans of Harry Potter who want to explore the neighbourhood will love this one-bedroom Airbnb that sleeps two people. For many years, a hostess who worked in the toy and game industries designed this fantastic experience. There are countless props throughout that help to bring the Harry Potter motif to life. Access to a communal bathroom and coffee and tea from the coffee bar are available in addition to the bedroom.

2. The Common Room

Possibly the most well-known Harry Potter-themed Airbnb is The Common Room. This one-bedroom residence, located in Victoria, British Columbia, has been entirely converted to resemble the Gryffindor Common Room at Hogwarts. Thanks to the exposed brick walls and opulent-looking amenities. You won’t ever feel out of place when staying at this Airbnb. Although there is space for four people, this apartment is also an excellent choice for couples. Because it has a queen bed and a couch bed. It is furnished with everything you could need during your stay ncluding a full kitchen with a dishwasher, stove, microwave, and essential culinary supplies, in addition to the stunning design. You can observe Muggles below from the beautiful bay window, and there is also a TV and chess set to keep you occupied while you stay here when you’re not honing your magic skills for classes.

3. Magical Harry Potter-inspired Flat near Edinburgh Castle

From the outside, West Bow might appear unremarkable, but once you’ve found this Scottish retreat, you’ll find yourself transported into the magical-world of Harry Potter. This Airbnb often referred to as the Wizarding Residence, is located on The West Bow, which served as J. K. Rowling’s primary source of inspiration for Diagon Alley. This magnificent location, adjacent to Edinburgh Castle, is stunning from the inside out. It’s compact, has one bedroom, and sleeps up to four people, making it the perfect choice for Harry Potter-obsessed families planning to spend a few days exploring Scotland. The walls of this Airbnb are covered in old portrait wallpaper. A large stag chandelier and some luggage may have fallen off the Hogwarts Express. A complete kitchen with a dishwasher, washer and everything you need to prepare a nice meal is also available.

4. Hogwarts Quarters with Private Pool Near Disney

There is plenty of space for muggles and wizards in this Airbnb, but it has a more covert Harry Potter charm, so no one will ever learn the secret. This enormous house, located in Kissimmee, Florida, is close to Disney and has five bedrooms and space for up to 10 guests. It strikes the perfect balance between magically themed charm and modern life for Harry Potter enthusiasts & others who are just along for the journey. This sizable home goes all out with a sizable kitchen and living area, an outside pool, and a BBQ. Additionally, Encore Resort at Reunion Water Park is close by, a 3-acre water park featuring thrilling slides, a pool, cabanas, a kids’ splash area, an arcade, and more. If you want to remain close to Disney Florida and bring part of the magic home with you at the end of each exciting day, you’ll adore this location.

5. De Vere House

Before entering the front entrance, the De Vere House in Lavenham, England, appears to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the Harry Potter universe. This charmingly genuine home is rustic and charismatic, with touches of Harry Potter charm everywhere. This former bed and breakfast is located in one of Britain’s most beautiful mediaeval villages, which you may recognise from the Harry-Potter movies as Godric’s Hollow. The mansion is in the heart of the charming village, with numerous themed components and fascinating history. Every room in this establishment has a four-poster bed, an en suite bathroom, a TV, Wi-Fi, a personal guest sitting area with a fireplace, and a courtyard garden. During your stay, you are entitled to a complimentary English breakfast served in the dining area with a theme.

6. The Wizard’s Cottage

Every morning you wake up at The Wizard’s Cottage, you’ll feel like you’re leading a genuine wizard’s lifestyle thanks to the four poster beds and striking chandelier. When you first arrive at this two-bedroom home in Colmar, France, you’ll want to pee into each room and see the unique items that bring the Harry Potter fantasy to life. The cottage is on the second floor of a home with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The inside of what appears to be a typical building from the outside offers a portal into the wizarding world, complete with boilers, old books, pumpkins, and mandrakes. You’ll undoubtedly have a memorable stay here, with gloomy design, conventional wall coverings, and small details that will make all of your Harry Potter fantasies come true.

7. Spellcast Cottage

There is more to Spellcast Cottage than meets the eye. With lots to explore and hidden secrets in each room, this enchanting cottage in Wexford, Ireland, is an excellent way to escape into the world of Harry Potter. Furthermore, the secret room, which you should spend some time looking for, is still unaccounted for. Even if it appears fantastic in the images, there is more to be seen in person. This one-bedroom cottage is ideal for a group of friends wishing to fully immerse themselves in the wizarding realm because it provides space for four visitors and four separate beds. Staying here includes access to a private backyard, an under-the-stairs sleeping arrangement, a bathroom with toiletries, a kitchen with tea and coffee, and a dormitory-style bedroom.

8. Harry Potter Fan’s Dream

This magical haven is hidden from Muggles’ prying eyes near Chickamauga, Georgia, and has received more than 300 good evaluations. Due to its countless turns and charm-filled Harry Potter-inspired twists, what it lacks in a room more than makes up for in magic. Four people can stay in this fan’s Airbnb fantasy bedroom. The room has twin beds in a Hogwarts-style dormitory and a restroom at the opposite end. A queen-size sofa bed that folds out in the living room and kitchen area joins the bedroom. This Airbnb has fascinating features, including magical artefacts, games to play, books to read, and movies to watch. Tell the host which Hogwarts house you are a member of when you make the reservation; they believe this is crucial information for your stay.

9. Wizards Way by Loma Homes | Heated Pool and Spa | Theater

If you’re travelling to Florida and want to stay a few days in an Airbnb with a Harry Potter theme, Wizards Way is your escape heaven. With eight bedrooms and a capacity for up to 16 guests, this enormous home is perfect for larger families to join together and discover the magic. With bedrooms decorated in various hues with Harry Potter themes and a themed kitchen and living area filled with fan favourite artefacts, this themed Airbnb doesn’t hold back when it comes to sticking to what it knows.

Even the less elaborately decorated areas of the house, such as the dining room with its castle-themed candles, are given magical enchantment by this fantastic location. This home features special effects, hand-carved beds, ambient sounds, and personalised mood lighting. It functions as both an immersive experience and a luxurious vacation rental. The Champion’s Gate Resort grounds, which include a water park with a lazy river and a water slide, a gym, a movie room, and a game room, are accessible in addition to the private pool.

10. Wizards Hollow – Treehouses of Serenity

Suppose you want to stay at Treehouses of Serenity for a few nights. In that case, you’ll need to act quickly because Harry Potter enthusiasts who want to experience some wizarding activity promptly fill up this Airbnb. It is a unique treehouse with a theme that mixes elements of the Hogwarts universe in a gothic treehouse near Woodfin, North Carolina. The neighbourhood has five treehouses, but “Wizards Hollow” is one of a kind. The nearly 600 square feet of magical space in the castle is home to everything from an invisible cloak to a sorting hat. The treehouse has one bedroom and a loft with a second bed accessed by a spiral staircase. A living area with a comfortable sofa, a smart TV, and various games is also available for you and your family to enjoy.

11. Wizarding Home 10 Miles to Harry Potter Universal Orlando

When you’ve had your fill of the theme parks for the day. This five-bedroom Wizarding Home is only a short distance from Universal Studios.Which means you’re not far from living out your own Hogwarts dream at your Airbnb. Huge enough to accommodate up to 10 guests. It has a dining area, a fully furnished kitchen, a swimming pool, and a terrace with a grill. The standard room has a large screen TV and Nintendo Switch for an immersive experience. You’ll be lost in thought as you move from room to room. Attempting to absorb everything before determining which magnificent bedroom you want to call your home. It’s the ideal site to begin your vacation activities. Because it’s close to all of Orlando’s amusement parks and attractions and is in a calm residential area.

12. Harry Potter Themed Room with Hogwarts Letter

One thing sets apart this Harry Potter-themed room in Fredericton. New Brunswick: it includes a letter from Hogwarts that is uniquely yours. Therefore, after you’ve signed in, you have the opportunity to start your magical schooling years. Even if you had given up on getting it years before. It is a large room for a single traveller. Or a couple who are huge Harry Potter fans. It also has a reasonable price and all the bells and whistles. The bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, and front and back yards. And bedrooms are all accessible to guests during their stay. There is plenty of space to spread-out in the single-story home. Make yourself comfy in front of the TV with your favourite Harry Potter movie. Or search the cabinets for various related memorabilia.

13. Draiocht (Magic) House

You can maintain your loyalty throughout your stay at this beautiful Harry Potter-themed home in Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland, because it effectively utilises all the different house colours. This four bedroom-house can accommodate up to seven people. And is decorated with bright yellow walls, dark green sofas, Harry Potter signs, and numerous carpets and posters. You can see Platform 9 and 3/4 at the bottom of the stairs or declare your devotion to Gryffindor right before you go to bed in this land. Where attention to detail is essential. Less than a five-minute stroll will get you to Boyle Abbey and King House. As well as shops, restaurants, and pubs in this ancient town. You’ll never run out of things to do inside and outside the premises.

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