14 Severus Snape Moments From Harry Potter That Prove Slytherins Have Heart

Throughout the Harry Potter series, Severus Snape may have put his commitment to Lily to the test, but no matter the situation, Lily was always on his mind. Snape was notorious for having little sympathy for most people, yet he was good to the people he loved and was willing to put his life in danger for them.

Snape Tries To Counter Curse Quirrell-Jinxing The Broom

Snape Sends His-Patronus To Help Harry Find The Sword Of Gryffindor

Snape-Lies To Umbridge About The Veritaserum To Protect Dumbledore’s Army

Snape Protects The Trio From The Lupin-Werewolf

Snape Yells At Bellatrix To Keep Harry Alive At The End Of ‘Half-Blood Prince’


Snape Begs Dumbledore To Hide Lily And The Family From Voldemort

Snape Helps Harry With Occlumency, Despite Harry’s Pushback & Knowing Harry Could Possibly See Inside His Mind

Snape And Lily Hang Out By The Tree

Snape Bops Ron And Harry’s Head For Saying All The Wrong Things To Hermione

Snape Hugging Lily After Voldemort’s Attack

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