15 Interesting Hagrid Fan Theories That We Want To Believe

Harry Potter is the most famous franchise in history. Hagrid sticks out in people’s minds, and hearts more than any other professor Hogwarts has ever had. So, it’s no surprise that fans are still-curious about everything that went unsaid.


1. Hagrid Defended Harry In Chamber of secrets-Because He Did Not Want Harry To Go Through What He Did

2. The Third Floor Corridor Was Protected By The First Year Spell ‘Alohomora’ So That Hagrid Could See Fluffy

3. Hagrid Spread The Legend Of Harry’s Scar

4. Dumbledore Repaired Hagrid’s Wand & Used The Umbrella As A Ruse

5. Hagrid Reminded Dumbledore Of Newt Scamander

6. Dumbledore Gave The Care Of Magical Creatures Position To Hagrid Because He was Best Suited For The Job

7. Newt Scamander Gave Aragog To Hagrid

8. If Hagrid Had Disobeyed Dumbledore One Time, Then Most Of The Plot Wouldn’t Have Happened

9. Dumbledore Trusts Hagrid Because Of His Love For Animals

10. Hagrid Can Do Non-Verbal Spells Because Dumbledore Continued To Teach Him Magic

11. Hagrid Is So Youthful Because Giants Mature Slowly

12. Hagrid Is A Giant Dwarf

13. Hagrid Can’t Cast A Patronus Because He Doesn’t Believe In Himself

14. Hagrid Let Sirius Spend Some Time With Harry Before Bringing Him To Privet Drive

Hagrid Is A Death Eater

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