6 times Dolores Umbridge proved herself to be genuinely heartless

Dolores Umbridge was evil, cunning, and unquestionably a wrong person. We examine instances where she revealed her utter heartlessness, such as when she humiliated Professor Trelawney or used cruel disciplinary techniques.

When she sacked and humiliated Professor Trelawney

The students didn’t exactly love Professor Trelawney. Her abilities as a Seer were also dubious. The saddest part was when Umbridge fired her and publicly humiliated her in front of the entire school. The fact that Umbridge appeared to take pleasure in Trelawney’s suffering was particularly annoying.

‘You didn’t realise this was coming?’ said a high girlish voice, sounding callously amused, and Harry, moving slightly to his right, saw that Trelawney’s terrifying vision was nothing other than Professor Umbridge. ‘Incapable though you are of predicting even tomorrow’s weather, you must surely have realised that your pitiful performance during my inspections, and lack of any improvement, would make it inevitable that you would be sacked?’

‘You c – can’t!’ howled Professor Trelawney, tears streaming down her face from behind her enormous lenses, ‘you c – can’t sack me! I’ve b – been here sixteen years! H – Hogwarts is m – my h – home!’

‘It was your home,’ said Professor Umbridge, and Harry was revolted to see the enjoyment stretching her toadlike face as she watched Professor Trelawney sink, sobbing uncontrollably, on to one of her trunks, ‘until an hour ago, when the Minister for Magic countersigned your Order of Dismissal. Now kindly remove yourself from this Hall. You are embarrassing us.’

Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix

When she admitted that she enjoyed Torturing her students.

What Umbridge deemed to be a just punishment was savagery. Torture was all that came from her “special quill.” Watching how excited she was to cause physical suffering to those in her care was awful. She was a teacher in a position of power, making the situation even more painful.

She walked up to her desk, sat down, and bent over what appeared to be a stack of essays. When Harry raised the pointed black quill, he saw something was missing.

He complained, “You haven’t given me any ink.”

Professor Umbridge remarked, with a hint of humour in her voice, “Oh, you won’t need ink.”

Harry touched the tip of his quill to the page and wrote, “I must not tell lies.” Those words, written in shiny red ink, suddenly appeared on the parchment. As the pain hit him, he uttered a groan. Simultaneously, the words appeared on the back of Harry’s right hand, as though traced there with a scalpel, cutting into the flesh like a knife. However, as Harry peered at the shining incision, the skin healed again, leaving a slightly redder but relatively smooth location.

Upon seeing Umbridge, Harry turned around. She had a broad grin on her toadlike face as she watched him.

Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix

She had crossed a line when she was prepared to use an Unforgivable Curse on a student.

It’s inexcusable that Umbridge considered casting the Cruciatus Curse on Harry. This revelation not only confirmed that she lacked any semblance of morality but also proved that she was the one who had sent the Dementors on Harry during the summer. She made and enforced rules, but she didn’t mind breaking them if it meant she could obtain what she wanted.

Malfoy’s eyes narrowed as he watched her, clearly indicating his hunger.

Umbridge softly remarked, “The Cruciatus Curse should loosen your mouth.”

Hermione yelled, “No!” in protest. It’s against the law, Professor Umbridge!

However, Umbridge paid it no mind. In an impressive display, she raised her wand. Harry had never seen such a horrible, eager, thrilled look on her face.

Professor Umbridge, the Minister, would disapprove of your breaking the law. Shouted Hermione.

“What Cornelius doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Umbridge continued, breathing slightly harder as she aimed her wand at various parts of Harry’s body in an apparent attempt to determine where it would hurt the most. Although he was unaware that I had instructed Dementors to go after Potter last summer, he was overjoyed at the opportunity to kick Potter out of school.

Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix

How she discussed Hagrid

Umbridge’s hatred of Muggles and other non-pureblood magical beings was abhorrent. Her vengeful nature shone through whenever she mentioned Hagrid, and she was highly nasty to him. When she called him a “great half-breed oaf,” the hatred in her voice was palpable.

“Is it stashed in Hagrid’s lair?” Umbridge whispered enthusiastically in Harry’s ear.

“Of course not,” Hermione retorted. The possibility exists that Hagrid accidentally triggered the device.

Umbridge, whose enthusiasm was growing, answered, “Yes.” Yes, of course, the great mixed-race oaf would have done it.

Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix

When it was revealed what she kept on her office door at the Ministry of Magic

After Mad-Eye Moody was killed, Umbridge took his magical eye and proudly displayed it on her office door. We completely understand why Harry is so furious; her treatment of Harry as anything other than a human being and a valued colleague is repulsive. What happened here made us sick to our stomachs.
The witch cast an eye toward the mahogany door that separated her from the room full of pamphleteers; Harry followed her gaze, and his anger rose like a snarling snake. A large, round eye with a bright blue iris was set into the wood where a peephole would be on a Muggle front door, a vision that was shockingly familiar to anyone who had known Alastor Moody.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Becoming head of the Muggle-born Registration Commission

Umbridge was born to play this role. Dolores was present in all her ghastly splendour, a place where she could flourish by making destructive use of her abilities. She was allowed to express her bigotry without fear of reprimand. Her smug taunting of the Muggle-borns made our skin crawl.

“Mrs Cattermole, upon your arrival at the Ministry this morning, a wand was confiscated by Umbridge. Is it a description of someone you know? Eight and a quarter inches in diameter, cherry, with a core of unicorn hair.”

Mrs Cattermole wiped her eyes with the hem of her sleeve and nodded.

We need to know whose witch or wizard you stole the wand from.

‘T – took?’ Mrs Cattermole cried out in dismay. I didn’t steal it or borrow it from anyone. When I was eleven years old, I made the b-purchase. And it picked me, me, me.

She sobbed more heavily than ever.

Umbridge’s soft and feminine laugh made Harry want to harm her physically. For a better look at her target, she leaned forward over the barrier, and the locket swung forward after her.

Hermione had noticed and made a slight squeaking sound, but Umbridge and Yaxley still focused on their prey, were oblivious to anything else. Wands are exclusive to the magically inclined. There is no way that you are a witch. I have your completed questionnaire from earlier that I asked Mafalda to bring. Mrs Cattermole, I don’t think so,” Umbridge said firmly.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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