7 Weasley Siblings, Ranked Least To Most Heroic

Without the help of the Weasley siblings, Harry Potter would not have survived. As can be seen, they all showed various degrees of bravery.
Following the underwhelming reception the Fantastic Beasts films received, rumors about other spin-offs and the future of the Harry Potter series have been making the rounds in the media. Fortunately, the first Harry Potter films continue to be well-liked, and the Weasley family played a significant role in Harry’s adventure and fight against the Dark Lord.

Without the help of the Weasley siblings, who mostly treated him like their own brother, the Chosen One would not have survived his ordeals. Each of them was brave and gallant in their way, and they always stood up to the plate. Some weren’t quite as brave, while others displayed heroic deeds that defied belief.

Percy Weasley

Percy Weasley’s cowardice was the reason Harry Potter fans so despised him. His adherence to the law was nothing to worry about, but abandoning his family to win the Ministry’s favor was a terrible crime.
Not only did Percy work tirelessly to discredit Harry (he warned Ron to avoid him and took part in Ministry propaganda to refute his assertions concerning Voldemort’s return), but he also refused to stand by his family’s side when Arthur was attacked or when Bill got married. He didn’t come to his senses until the Battle of Hogwarts when his reputation had already been permanently tarnished.

Charlie Weasley

Percy was far behind Charlie in terms of courage. Due to his adventures in Romania, Charlie was constantly geographically apart from his family. Still, he always appeared to aid Harry and his family in battling the forces of the Dark Lord. Charlie’s passion for dragons was rather heroic in and of itself, even if his interactions with the Weasleys weren’t captured on film. He helped Dumbledore forge crucial ties with foreign wizards for the Order of the Phoenix and was constantly accessible to Dumbledore and Hagrid for assistance when addressing the unpredictable beasts. In the second half of the Battle in Deathly Hallows, Charlie even rushed to Hogwarts’ defense and brought reinforcements that helped a little level the playing field.

George Weasley

Harry Potter book enthusiasts would be aware that although George frequently performed precisely what Fred did, there were slight differences in their behaviors. George rose against Umbridge’s machiavellian ways with his brother, causing havoc and teaching the evil woman a valuable lesson. He was a little calmer compared to his brother, and he hesitated before blackmailing Ludo Bagman at the Quidditch World Cup. Ginny, Harry, and Hermione were always under George’s watchful eye (although he did tend to torment Ron a fair bit.) While bringing Harry to safety, he even suffered the loss of one ear due to Snape’s Sectumsempra spell.

Fred Weasley

Sadly passed away Because Fred, unlike George, appeared publicly on Potterwatch, which was a surefire way to get tracked down by the enemy if they heard the broadcast. Fred displayed a little more boldness than his twin. The radio broadcast was a dangerous venture, but Fred, Lupin, and a few others went ahead and reported under the alias “Rapier.”He gave his life at the Battle of Hogwarts because he was so dedicated to the wizarding cause, and not just the Weasley family but Harry Potter fans worldwide mourned his passing. Fred was quite intelligent and applied his intelligence to benefit the populace.

Ginny Weasley

The Malfoys made Ginny a victim when the Chamber of Secrets first opened. Small but formidable, the Weasley family’s youngest member engaged in direct combat with Tom Riddle during her first year at Hogwarts. Still, she battled valiantly and even admitted responsibility for it after realizing she was under the book’s power. After the incident, she recovered magnificently and reintegrated herself into school life in a seamless manner. She displayed extraordinary bravery in the combat at the Department of Mysteries and fought bravely during the Battle of Hogwarts while defying her entire family to take part. She stood in front of Harry despite Pansy Parkinson telling her classmates to hand him up to Voldemort because of her intense love for him.

Ron Weasley

Since the publication of The Sorcerer’s Stone, Ron has played Wizarding Chess, giving his life to keep Harry alive. As one-third of the Golden Trio, Ron experienced nearly every challenge that Harry did each year, often alongside Voldemort or his allies. He followed Harry to the forest to see Aragog despite his fear of spiders. Ron was always prepared to defend his friend, whether at the Department of Mysteries, the Astronomy Tower or during the Quidditch World Cup when the Death Eaters attacked. Ron’s odd choice was to abandon Hermione and Harry in the seventh film as they looked for Horcruxes, diminishing his heroics from what they usually were.

Bill Weasley

According to his storyline in the books and movies, the eldest Weasley boy was the most daring. Bill had fostered Charlie’s passion for dragons at Hogwarts by accompanying him to the Forbidden Forest. Bill had been a member of the second Order from the beginning, helping to strengthen the security at Hogwarts and around Harry. Despite the horrific attack by Fenrir Greyback, Harry was able to find some happiness with Fleur during these trying times. While holding a wedding while his family was being pursued was daring, he was even more courageous when he allowed allies into Shell Cottage after getting hitched. Bill already performed the dangerous job as the Curse-Breaker for Gringotts. Still, he went above and beyond by welcoming Harry, Luna, Ollivander, Ron, and the others into his home. Soon after their wedding, they were being sought by the authorities. Bill doesn’t receive enough recognition for his role in the fight against Voldemort.

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