A 30,000-square-feet of pure magic Harry Potter theme park is Happening.

Didn’t you get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts? That’s OK.
Harry Potter is one of the few franchises that has a worldwide and ageless appeal. After all, J.K. Rowling’s acclaimed novels are beloved by readers of all ages worldwide (and watching and rewatching all the movies). Whatever your house is, we can all agree that the wizarding world has a unique type of magic. For the first time, Harry Potter fans will be able to step inside the fantastical world of the books and movies they love. Building a new Harry Potter theme park is a huge undertaking.

What’s in the park?

If this park is anything like Universal Studios, it will be a lot more of a movie fan’s dream come true! (If you choose, you can take classes at Hogwarts.) The exhibit will be called “The Making of Harry Potter,” It will take visitors through sets made by the film’s creators, display authentic costumes and props, and even allow visitors to experience sequences from the movies firsthand.

It takes almost half of a day to wander through the 30,000-square-foot park. Plan ahead of time!

Do you want to know what’s for dinner?

In terms of importance, this is the most critical question. We might expect to see comparable food and beverage options at London’s forthcoming Harry Potter theme park. Butterbeer, a frothy mug that tastes like shortbread and butterscotch, may be found in London. Outside of Universal Studios, learn how to brew the finest butterbeer you’ve ever had! An authentic Hogwarts Great Hall restaurant serves traditional English fare like bangers and mash, fish and chips, and the traditional English breakfast.

What’s the Opening Date?

If you want to attend “The Making of Harry Potter,” you first need to know that it is located in Tokyo. An amusement park will be hosting the event. If you’re willing to fly to Tokyo, there will be a daily cap on the number of visitors. Tickets are likely to sell out quickly, given that the park won’t be running at total capacity for the first few months after opening.

Fans of Harry Potter need not lose hope, though, because there is still plenty of time to prepare and save up. The park isn’t expected to be open until 2023 at the earliest. Check out this amazing Airbnb if you’d want to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a little closer to home.

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