A Harry Potter-Themed Festival Is Coming To Ohio, And It’s Pure Magic

This September, Ohio will host a magical Harry Potter themed festival. Ironton Wizardfest, a Harry Potter fan gathering in Southeast Ohio for the most ardent Potterheads and lovers, was created by extreme HP fans. All wizards and muggles are invited! That is your chance to immerse yourself in the magnificent universe J. K. Rowling created.

The ultimate Harry Potter celebration will be held this November at Platform 9 3/4 in Ironton, Ohio. Bring your magic wand and cloak.

Ironton Wizardfest isn’t your ordinary HP festival—not even close. It had built by fans, for fans.

To give fans the impression that they have truly stepped into J.K. Rowling’s magnificent world, everything—from the activities to the menu—had meticulously prepared and selected. Everything about Ironton Wizardfest is top-notch, from the Ironton Wizarding Academy and Classes, where fans can learn magic spells and the craft of making (and using!) brooms, to VIP events like the glittering Wizard’s Ball.

With tasty ButterBrew running all weekend long, the Ironton Wizardfest food and beverage choices are sure to please both young and elderly enthusiasts. Please be aware that tickets for ButterBrew had offered separately.

Fans genuinely turn out for this event, and the cosplay competitions become pretty intense!

Books have a transformational potential that is nothing short of extraordinary. Ironton Wizardfest is the event that will make you believe in magic—the fantastic, magnificent kind of magic that is only imaginable in books.

Although we can’t rule out the possibility of some evil magic during this gathering.

The annual Harry Potter celebration, Irontron Wizardfest, takes place November 12–13 at the Ro-Na Theater in Ironton, Ohio.

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