A Harry Potter theory claims that a key Hogwarts location has been transformed into a Chamber of Secrets.

According to one fan theory, the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts directly links to one of the school’s founders.

Hogwarts is a fascinating site in the Harry Potter franchise, with many secrets for the characters to discover throughout the series. This opens up the possibility of some of these secrets being linked to significant elements of the franchises’ lore in intriguing ways. One fan theory claims that the founders of Hogwarts, aside from Salazar Slytherin, each created their own “chambers of secrets,” one of which became a significant location in modern times.

Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin created Hogwarts centuries before the present day, according to the overarching narrative of Harry Potter. Each of the school’s four houses was named after a great witch or wizard, and they were responsible for defining the school’s four places and their desired attributes in pupils.

The Chamber of Secrets, which houses the exceedingly deadly basilisk, was sealed away so that only a Slytherin “heir” could enter it and rid the school of “un-pure” witches and wizards. On the other hand, Salazar secretly designed a section of the fortress. His descendant Tom Riddle, alias Voldemort, would eventually open the Chamber, and the secret location was featured in Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets.

However, it stands to reason that the other founders may have had their secret chambers, implying that they may have appeared else-where in the series. According to Reddit user D-AU79, one of them may have played a vital role in the Harry Potter book, the Room of Requirement.

According to the hypothesis, the Room of Requirement includes many features and elements that make it easy to relate it to Rowena Ravenclaw. Rowenna, a clever witch and the founder who valued intelligence above all else, would most likely want her secret room to mirror her quiet, studious personality. The Room of Requirement, which has been hidden from the general public of the school for some time, would be great for that.

The Room of Requirement, first mentioned in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is a mysterious and powerful chamber only those who know it can enter. The room appears when you pass by the right portion of the castle with a clear desire for anything, and it successfully functions as a magical depository of various goods, tools, and treasures. A scholar like Ravenclaw would benefit from such a setting since it would allow them to focus on their job in peace.

Given her tremendous authority and position as the school’s creator, it would be simple for her to construct such a setting, which she could then leave for other privileged students to use for their studies. It’s a stark contrast to Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets in this regard, as both were created to cater to the demands of its ideal students.

This close link to Ravenclaw would also explain why it was Ravenclaw’s Diadem’s final resting place. The wreath was a priceless treasure that belonged to Rowenna until her daughter stole it, and it wound up in hands of Tom Riddle, who used it as one of his Horcruxes. Riddle felt he was the only person who had ever discovered the existence of the Room of Requirement, so he returned it to Hogwarts to hide it somewhere private.

It’s possible that Riddle discovered the room while looking for the Chamber of Secrets, and putting the wreath in the secret chamber of the artifact’s original owner would play into Voldemort’s ambitions to generate symbolic power by crafting his Horcruxes out of significant magical objects. It’s a fantastic idea that offers one of Hogwarts’ most enigmatic rooms a solid tie to world history.

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