A novel idea! A high schooler creates her prom dress from HARRY POTTER book pages.

A high school student constructed her prom outfit out of pages from the Harry Potter books after claiming the series helped her cope with her parent’s divorce.

The adolescent spent four days assembling the exquisite dress, ripping, folding, stitching, and gluing for hours, often working late into the night.

Hailey claimed she was inspired by an outfit she saw on TikTok but believed she could “make it better.”

Hailey Skoch, age 18, from Arkansas, disclosed that she fashioned a dress from the pages of her favorite book series.
The adolescent spent four days ripping, folding, sewing, and gluing the garment, often working late. ‘I wanted to do something different from others, and I have been a Harry Potter fan for years,’ she told ArkTimes.

“I enjoy reading immensely. So I gathered together some materials and decided to create a ballgown.’

Valerie, Hailey’s mother, is a costume designer, and she is credited with bringing the design together.

She exclaimed, “She helped me put everything together with the corset and gave me fantastic ideas for the bodice.”

The high schooler told Fox23 that the Harry Potter series was the “books of her childhood” and “gave her calm” following her parents’ divorce.
Even though the outfit took a long time to produce, Hailey stated that playing the fantasy film series in the background while she worked kept her motivated.

She told Fox23, “I was binge-watching the entire Harry Potter series, so you can’t simply go halfway through and wait a week to watch the rest.”

If you begin such a project, you must complete it quickly.

The following year, Hailey will study psychology at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

She described the experience as “the weirdest feeling she’s ever felt.”

Everyone was doing their own thing as I entered the prom. She recounted to ArkTimes that one person then another had seen her.

Everyone’s heads turned in unison. It was the most bizarre sensation I’ve ever had.

Although she formerly desired to become a therapist, she is now investigating alternative career paths, such as fashion design.
“It’s not every day that someone tells you you may pursue your hobby,” she told Fox23.

The photographs of Hailey’s stunning gown that she put online instantly went viral, garnering thousands of likes and comments in a matter of days.

“I sewed my dress! I wore it for prom pictures, and wow, I was not expecting all the support and compliments,’ she posted on Instagram alongside a couple of shots of herself in the gown.

“Many thanks for your support. This style was inspired by the Harry Potter books from my childhood.

As I wear the phrases that provided me so much serenity in my youth, this artwork represents my maturation and transformation into an adult.

Social media commentators praised Hailey’s creation.

One user said, “That’s incredible,” while another added, “Just here to say this is incredible and wonderful!”

Someone else remarked, “That is gorgeous and cool,” A fourth person concurred, “This is great!” I hope you will consider design in the future.

Another comment read, “OMG, you are so brilliant!”

The 18-year-old stated that designers and photographers have reached out to her, and two libraries in Arkansas have requested permission to display the garment.

She remarked, “I was a shy, bookish, geeky child yearning for some magic in my life.” “[These books were] such an inspiration at a time when I was so vulnerable and needed it the most… I have a deep affection for these novels.

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