According To Rupert Grint ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Stars, Emma Watson And Tom Felton Had A Romantic ‘Spark’

We adore Harry Potter reunions, and Emma Watson and Tom Felton are one pair who do so frequently and thrill us in the process. Eight years after the last movie was released in theatres, Watson (as Hermione Granger) and Felton (as Draco Malfoy) are still close friends.

They routinely hang together, play guitar, skateboard, and take cute photos of one another, demonstrating that their friendship during filming has stood the test of time and celebrity.

Watson stated in 2012 that she had a childhood crush on her co-star when she was approximately 10 years old, and all these photos and updates on Felton and Watson’s Instagram profiles have only served to fuel Harry Potter fans’ desire to “ship” the two actors.
Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, has added gasoline to the fire by speaking about his co-stars’ friendship in a recent interview and revealing that there has always been a certain “spark” between the two when asked if he could imagine them dating.

Sure, I could. The 31-year-old said to Entertainment Tonight that there was always something going on. There appeared to be a tiny spark.

The actor made light of any previous chemistry between the buddies, joking that he didn’t want to “start anything.”
Grint clarified, “We were kids.” It resembled any schoolyard romance, said the speaker.

The actor, who will soon appear in M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant, said that working on the Harry Potter movie series was “spark-free.”

Felton responded as any dependable friend would, telling the Mail Online that he too is “happily self-partnered” in response to Watson’s previous statements on her single status, which she referred to as being “self-partnered.”

It’s always pleasant to run into Watson, Felton remarked. “See her on the beach, during dinner, or elsewhere.” It’s always enjoyable to run into her because she’s such a lovely and intelligent young woman. We can reflect on the past while looking forward to the future.

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