After revealing his childhood crush on Helena Bonham Carter during the Harry Potter reunion, Daniel Radcliffe tells them they text and plan to ‘hang out.’

After the Harry Potter 20th-anniversary special, in which Radcliffe disclosed that he developed a crush on Carter while filming, Radcliffe added that he and Helena Bonham Carter communicated.

“I’ve texted with Helena a bit over the last few months since the reunion,” Radcliffe told People. “I think we’ll attempt to hang out when I get back to London.”

Carter presented Radcliffe with an autograph he had given her during their days filming the series and asked him to read it out at the event, which aired on HBO Max on January 1.

“Dear HBC,” the note started, as read by Radcliffe throughout the program. “It was a pleasure to be your costar and coaster in the sense that I was always the one to hold your coffee – what a clever pun. I’m still content with it.”

“I adore you, and I only wish I’d been born ten years sooner. I might have had a shot if it hadn’t been because I was a woman. “The note went on. “Thank you very much for being so cool.”

During the filming of “Order of the Phoenix,” Radcliffe and Carter played Harry Potter and Bellatrix Lestrange, respectively; they were both about 17 years old. Carter was around 40 years old at the time.

Given his young age during production, Radcliffe told People that one of the highlights of the reunion was meeting with his costars as an adult and finding that they could “hang out” and have “mature conversations.” He also told People that he admires Carter’s refusal to forgive “people being terrible human beings if they’re wonderful musicians,” which he claims is widespread in the industry.

“We were discussing folks known to be intelligent or anything, but [are problematic], and we were like, ‘Eh,'” he explained. “They’re incredibly unusual and cool when you find someone that normal in the industry for as long as she’s been in it, who isn’t jaded by its craziness.”

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