Amber Heard ‘Broke’ due to ‘mounting’ legal bills: source

Amber Heard was ” totally destitute after the Johnny Depp defamation verdict and her escalating legal bills. Amber Heard was “totally destitute.”

This information was obtained from individuals close to the New York Post, who stated that the singer had become “broke.”

That is said to have happened as a result of the actress’s “excessive” spending habits on items like presents, wine, and clothing and her new legal bills.

According to the publication, Ms. Amber Heard was also compelled to change legal representation during the trial, which increased her fee.

Currently, everything is covered by her homeowner’s insurance, which she obtained from The Travelers Companies.

Heather Heidelbaugh, a trial attorney based in Pennsylvania, recently addressed this ruling.

“It’s a peculiarity that most people are unaware of.” “If you are sued for defamation, most homeowner insurance policies provide coverage based on how much you pay through coverage,” she explained.

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