Coles releases new sustainable collectables kids’ will love

A year after terminating its Little Shop line, the supermarket chain Coles has introduced a new line of environmentally friendly collectibles inspired by Harry Potter.
A year after dropping other plastic toys, the supermarket chain Coles has introduced a line of sustainable collectibles inspired by the Harry Potter books.

To produce the cardboard line, which is entirely FSC certified, Coles teamed together with Warner Bros. Magical Builders is the name of the television series. In addition to five exclusive characters, Magical Builders will include 30 characters from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts genres.

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Four backdrops, including Hogwarts Castle, Express, the Quidditch field, and Platform 9¾, are included in addition to the characters. Additionally available for purchase is a collector’s case. Each product is recyclable, keeping with Coles’ “Together to Zero” program.

On July 6, the toys will be available. At Coles supermarkets, Coles Online, and Coles Express, you may receive a free character for every $30 you spend in a single transaction. The price range for the playsets is $8.75 to $15.

According to Lisa Ronson, chief marketing officer of Coles, “We wanted to discover an interactive and sustainable approach for customers to have fun and that will appeal to guests of all ages, not just youngsters.” We are thrilled to collaborate with Warner Bros. to bring Coles Magical Builders to reality because we know that Australian fans have been yearning for a Wizarding World collectible campaign like this for a very long time.

“Magical Builders will allow customers to get creative as they build their magical world — all with the extra plus of being plastic-free and recyclable,” says the company. “Over 30 beloved figures and four iconic settings are available to collect.”

The grocery behemoth discontinued its hugely popular Little Shop line in 2021 as part of an environmental pledge and has since reintroduced it.
When Coles first marketed the collectibles in 2018, it was one of the most successful marketing efforts any retailer ran in years.

Favorite children’s snacks like Arnott’s Barbecue Shapes, Heinz Baked Beans, Maggi 2 Minute Noodles, Campbell’s Tomato Soup, Vegemite, and the cooling Eclipse Mints were included in the small collectibles of well-known foods.

While collectible toy initiatives like Little Shop and Stikeez have historically been well-liked by consumers, Coles Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson stated at the time that they no longer support the supermarket’s sustainability goals.
She stated, “Our goal is to be Australia’s most sustainable supermarket, which requires us to be dedicated to decreasing unnecessary plastic throughout our business.

“We are committed to innovation in packaging so that, when it isn’t possible to do away with plastic and packaging completely, we make sure it is manufactured with recycled content whenever possible and is recyclable.”

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