Cornelius Fudge’s Boggart Might Describe Why He Turned Against Harry Potter

It may help to understand why Cornelius Fudge acted against Harry and opposed Voldemort’s return because the LEGO Harry Potter video game depicts his boggart.
It’s a typical Harry Potter question about each character’s boggart or personification of their worst fears. Some of them are addressed in canon by the books and the films based on them, but many are open to conjecture. Except for the LEGO Harry Potter video game, Cornelius Fudge’s boggart, the former Minister of Magic, was never made public in this circumstance. And it might explain why he rebelled against Harry and Dumbledore and denied Voldemort’s reappearance.

The boggart, a shape shifting creature that takes on the form of whatever the person who encounters it dreads the most, was initially introduced in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Nobody knows what a boggart looks like because of its nature. In the same chapter, wizard students are taught spells to fight a boggart imprisoned in a wardrobe during one of professor Lupin’s courses. The boggart adopts a dementor’s appearance because it is Harry’s most considerable dread at the time, which was sparked by his first meeting with a dementor.

It is revealed in the video game LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 that Fudge’s boggart is Voldemort himself. Although it was never confirmed in the source material, this may not be considered canon. Still, it would explain why the Minister was hesitant to accept the dark lord’s return in Order of the Phoenix. Fudge doesn’t get it and starts a smear campaign against Harry and Dumbledore, alleging that they’re attempting to undermine the period of peace that has existed since Voldemort was first defeated. He even begins to think that Dumbledore is only after his position.

Additionally, it is claimed in Order of the Phoenix that terror has deformed Fudge’s mind. It makes reasonable that Fudge wouldn’t want to believe that Voldemort had returned, judging the evidence with an extreme degree of denial, even though it may not have been intended to be taken as literally as claiming that Voldemort is his greatest fear. As the Minister of Magic, facing such a threat would require leaving behind that peaceful time and reentering the wizarding realm into a dark period of war and death after more than a decade of calm. He shared the overwhelming terror of Voldemort shared by the majority of wizards. In actuality, many witches and wizards would consider the Dark Wizard to be their boggart.

Fudge would be remembered as a politician for permitting the Dark Lord’s return. Because he was the Minister who did it. Instead of preparing for the inevitable future conflict with Voldemort’s evil forces. He works to discredit anyone who disagrees with his denial. It is believed that Voldemort’s second collapse will not be sustained despite the accumulating proof of his resurrection. Including mass escapes from Azkaban and wizard disappearances.

Additionally, much of Fudge’s past in Harry Potter was surrounded by shady characters. He was thoughtful and well-intentioned in some ways, yet he made mistakes, especially during times of crisis. A generally pretentious manner of being offset his friendly disposition. Which allowed him to be close to Lucious Malfoy and Albus Dumbledore. Who turned out to be quite the cunning character after Voldemort’s reappearance. By installing Dolores Umbridge as a high inquisitor at Hogwarts. Fear spurs his prejudiced side in Order of the Phoenix to address what he perceives as the school’s deteriorating standards.

Fudge’s resistance to returning to a time of conflict and death causes his judgement to become severely impaired. It would make sense that Voldemort may be his boggart. Given his top position in the government. And his knowledge of what it was like to live in such turbulent times. Later, after seeing Voldemort for himself and succumbing to the legacy he vehemently wished to escape. Fudge was forced to admit that he was mistaken.

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