Due To ‘Bad Health’ Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane Withdraws From London Comic Con

Robbie Coltrane, who played the most lovable character in the Harry Potter series, Hagrid, has been forced to cancel his appearance at the London Comic-Con next month owing to “continued health issues.” Coltrane had been slated to meet Potterheads at the event, which took place at Olympia London, but he has since canceled his appearance due to illness.

Fans who had paid in advance for the Cracker actor’s autographs and photos received an email from the event organizers with a message from his agency. According to the statement, it is with great regret that Robbie Coltrane must cancel his appearance at the July Comic-Con owing to his deteriorating health. The information says he regrets deeply disappointing his followers and supporters and wishes to attend another Showmasters event as his health permits.

One hundred thousand movie lovers are expected to attend the convention on July 9, along with celebrities including David Harbour from Stranger Things, Andy Serkins from Lord of the Rings, and Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future. In the statement, the organizers continued, “Of course, we are depressed that Robbie cannot attend and so sad to hear of his illness. We’re looking forward to Robbie attending the show and sending him our best wishes.
“We will work to see if we can bring Robbie to a future event, but in the meantime, vouchers will automatically be sent to any ticket-holders for Robbie,” the statement’s conclusion read. Due to his continuous osteoarthritis fight, the actor was seen using a wheelchair in 2019 while waiting for knee surgery. His doctors had previously advised him to reduce weight or risk living an immobile life.

Before having knee surgery, a source informed The Sun that Robbie had been in excruciating pain for years as his knee continued to deteriorate. He has been handed a wheelchair as he waits for a specialized surgical operation to restore his joint in America because it has rendered him unable to walk without assistance. He finds it frustrating, but after the procedure, Coltrane continued, “He truly hopes to be back on his feet.” Robbie has been suffering from osteoarthritis, a disease that causes the joints to become painful and stiff daily. The actor reportedly disclosed that physicians advised him to lose seven stones or risk living a “crippled” existence.

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