During Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘Harry Potter auditions, The director cracked an egg on the script.

To cast Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint as the golden trio, casting directors had to adhere to stringent guidelines. Even after joining a shortlist of contenders, Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint had to undertake grueling audition procedures. As Radcliffe once revealed, a cracked egg on the script made for a messy encounter during one of his auditions.

The protracted and odd casting process for Daniel Radcliffe and his co-stars.

The long and unusual casting process for Radcliffe and his co-stars

Hermione’s discovery was a peculiar procedure. Casting directors visited her school (and perhaps others) in search of children who resembled Hermione. The casting directors liked what they saw in Watson, so they invited her to participate in the eight-round, arduous audition process before she was cast. According to Watson, there was no open audition.

Grint anticipated that competition for the role of Ron would be robust. To distinguish himself from other interested young actors, he filmed a video of himself performing an original rap song containing his vital statistics (name, height, and contact information).

Radcliffe lost interest in the part and chose not to audition until a Harry Potter producer encountered him and his father and pushed him to reconsider. During one of their encounters, director Chris Columbus witnessed Radcliffe’s hidden musical skill, which consisted of his playing a television theme tune on his cheeks.

Columbus cracked an egg on the script during one of Radcliffe’s auditions

During one of Radcliffe’s auditions, Columbus cracked an egg on the script. Columbus was impressed with Radcliffe’s musical ability and remarked, “If that doesn’t win you the part, nothing will.” A two-ways street is leaving a lasting impression, and Columbus did it at one of Radcliffe’s auditions. During a 2005 appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Radcliffe told the presenter that Columbus went egg-crazy during one of their sessions (via YouTube).

“I was at the auditions, and I was sort of, and Chris Columbus, who directed the original, cracked an egg and spilled the yolk upon the script. And now I have no idea what connection that had to anything. He may have been attempting to throw me off and observe my reaction.
We have numerous queries. What animal laid the egg? Or did he have access to one entire carton? And what was the purpose of purposefully making a mess in front of your potential future lead actor?

We will never know, but something went well during Radcliffe’s audition. Radcliffe’s performance won over audiences, and he launched a successful acting career.

Where to stream the ‘Harry Potter movies

His remarkable performances as the boy who survived set the path for a prosperous, diversified career after Harry Potter. If you do not own the films or your library does not have them, you can stream them all on HBO Max (subscription required). NBC’s Peacock streaming service had the property, but all eight films moved to HBO Max. According to JustWatch, major streaming sites, including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube, offer the whole series for purchase or rental.

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