Emma Watson Said Playing Hermione Changed Her and Caused her to Panic

Emma Watson had no idea what she was getting herself into when cast as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. In the same way that millions of the children worldwide had, she was smitten with the young witch depicted in the novels. When she was allowed to audition for the movie, she knew exactly what role she wanted to play: Hermione.

After joining the ‘Harry Potter cast, Emma Watson’s life took on a new meaning.

The eight Harry Potter films took a decade to make and promote, even though she only agreed to appear in two of them when she signed on. Watson was finally cast in the top part and her life as she knew it was forever altered. Watson’s prominence would grow significantly after that. Shortly after the casting announcement was made public, she had to go into a hotel to evade the paparazzi.

The ‘Little Women’ actor was apprehensive about playing Hermione Granger because of her role in the Harry Potter films.

Watson, of course, faced some difficulties in playing Hermione for so long. The Bling Ring actor had a hard time keeping up with the time commitment. Watson had to put some of her other hobbies (including studies) on hold because of Harry Potter’s production schedule. However, it wasn’t always easy for Watson to deal with the film’s subject matter. She had to rely on director David Yates more and more in later projects when she felt overburdened by her demands.
That is a relief for me because there were days when I was panicking,” Watson said of Yates in an interview with JoBlo. “I’m sorry… That is all very confusing to me, David!’ he exclaimed helplessly. I was at a loss for words. How do I do this? I’ve never been tortured before. I don’t know what it’s like to hold a dying friend in your arms and watch them die. Much hard work was required, such as “erasing your parents’ memories and walking out the door.”

By helping Watson overcome some of her apprehensions, David Yates

A conversation with the director helped Watson overcome her anxiety. As a result, she was given the time and space to develop her persona fully. Yates’ relaxed approach also helped Watson relax. That was a lifesaver when she was feeling overburdened by her demands.
In my opinion, “I think for me, I have quite an intellectual, like a heady approach I guess to the way I operate, and us just talking through what it means, what does it mean for her?” Watson was the first to speak up. “Is there any connection to her past?” What does she make of it? I delivered an excellent performance because I had the time to think things out thoroughly in my mind. It’s lovely that he’s so stoic. So it was good that I didn’t feel rushed. I think he’s extremely good at that since he’s very gentle.”

Watson had a difficult time playing Hermione. On the other hand, many Harry Potter fans believe that the actor was able to succeed in the part despite the difficulties.

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