Emma Watson’s Parents Kept Her Realistic-About What Fame Meant

There aren’t many actual examples of anyone getting famous overnight. Before they are cast in the program that will make them famous, most actors work for several years. Emma Watson, however, is a prime example of someone who gained enormous fame overnight without professional experience. The paparazzi camped out in front of Watson’s parents’ homes almost immediately after it was revealed that Watson had been cast as the only female lead in the Harry Potter films.

Emma Watson is the daughter of two English lawyers.

Contrary to Daniel Radcliffe, Watson’s Harry Potter co-star, Watson’s parents were not previously employed in the entertainment business. The Beauty and the Beast actress was reared by lawyers who had little to no interest in pop culture and movies. Watson remembers having only four movies available in her childhood household.

The ‘Harry Potter’ alum gets candid about how her parents helped her stay realistic about fame.

Watson’s parents, however, were able to guide her through fame despite their lack of industry knowledge. The Noah actor said in an interview with NPR that her parents had trained her to regard fame as having both benefits and drawbacks. That helped her to comprehend how she might manage her life as one of the most well-known faces in the world.

According to Watson, “My parents were always honest with me about what fame meant, that basically, it has these amazing benefits, opportunities, and experiences.” However, it also limits your freedom in other respects. I can’t just act impulsively. However, I want to.

Watson tried to ignore her fame in her teenage years.

Watson had to experience some of her parents’ lessons the hard way. She had to accept her celebrity status after realizing that even the most routine tasks could turn into a spectacle. The Brown University alum admits that until she was in her late teens, she tried to downplay or ignore her fame. For a while, she even rode public transportation.

But after spending so much of her life in the spotlight, how did a person as well-known as Watson ever think of herself as normal? Watson again gives her parents credit for keeping her grounded. In an interview with GQ UK, Watson revealed that even when she attended star-studded parties, her parents weren’t quick to shower her with expensive compliments. That made her feel more like a regular person who only had short periods of fame throughout the year.

The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ alum feels her parents kept her grounded.

Watson reflected on her celebrity and said, “I think my parents were focused on keeping me down to earth.” “Getting ready for a premiere or other event, the nicest praise I’ve ever received is that I scrub up nicely. I’m not sure. I wasn’t entirely sure what it all meant. I didn’t understand it from any angle. I was just incredibly naive about the entire situation.

The Harry Potter alum appears to have done reasonably well with Watson’s parents’ strategy. Given the statistics surrounding young actors, in particular, Watson seems to be navigating the entertainment business very successfully.

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