Emma Watson’s ‘savage dig’ at J.K. Rowling during BAFTAs over transgender row unveiled

J.K. Rowling was the target of Emma Watson’s “savage jab” at the BAFTAs during the transgender controversy.
The Harry Potter movie series, based on JK Rowling’s best-selling books, is where Emma Watson is most known for playing Hermoine Granger. The actress has previously made it clear that she does not share the wealthy author’s opinions regarding transgender rights.
It happened after the 56-year-old drew criticism for her divisive comments on the transgender community at the beginning of June 2020.

Rowling retweeted an opinion piece about “those who menstruate,” evidently objecting to the use of the word “women” in the article.

The initial tweet drew much criticism, but Rowling did not back down and maintained her position, writing that while she “loves and respects every trans person,” being a woman has also “defined my life.”

“I do not believe it is hateful to say so,” the author continued.
Fans and celebrities that disagree with her views include Emma, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Eddie Redmayne.

At the Royal Albert Hall in March, Emma stood on stage to give the Best Outstanding British Film award.

Following the best-selling author’s contentious remarks about transgender women. She appeared to make a crude jab at her after being welcomed by host Rebel Wilson.

Emma Watson is here to present the next award, Rebel, 42, joked as she welcomed her to the stage. We all know she’s a witch even though she considers herself a feminist.
I’m here for ALL the witches, Emma retorted.

Observant viewers immediately discussed whether or not the actress was targeting Rowling on social media in the wake of her remark.

“Oooh, Emma Watson is censuring JK Rowling! I needed some drama tonight, said a BAFTA viewer.

“Emma Watson’s attitude tonight is great. Another person wrote, “Hitting JK Rowling where it hurts.”

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