Exclusive: If JK Rowling Isn’t Involved, Emma Watson Will Return To Harry Potter

One of the most popular franchises is the Harry Potter film series. Warner Bros. can’t seem to let go of the idea of continuing the original eight movies, even though they can’t seem to figure out how to make them work, because they made so much money following a boy and his friends as they struggled to get an education while constantly being threatened with death. Bringing back the original Harry Potter stars would be a crucial component of that. Still, according to our reliable and trustworthy sources, Emma Watson will only return to the franchise if JK Rowling is not engaged.

To altogether remove the actual author of the Harry Potter books from the brand is a very large ask on Emma Watson’s behalf. Watson has stated that she will not return to the Wizarding World while Rowling is present, but it is safe to assume that this is because of how divisive the author and her social views have grown in recent years. We can only assume that Watson is reluctant to continue to be connected with JK Rowling as a result of her very loud, very public, and frequent criticism of the rights of transgender individuals in the UK (and, more widely, the world).

Notably, JK Rowling was the target of Emma Watson’s remark at the BAFTAs earlier this year. Watson was about to deliver an award when Rebel Wilson, a fellow performer, made the somewhat dubious jest that the actress who plays Hermione Granger “claims herself a feminist, but we all know she’s a witch.” Emma Watson responded, “I’m here for all the witches,” which was seen online as a subtle rejection of JK Rowling’s stated views on transgender people.
At that time, Emma Watson received a lot of criticism and appreciation for her impromptu comment that was thought to be directed at JK Rowling. Watson was criticized for being a “woke brat” and not being grateful enough to Rowling for helping launch her cinematic career. However, Rowling wasn’t initially in favor of Watson’s casting and wasn’t actively involved in the movie trilogy at the time.

Emma Watson has been in several movies since the conclusion of the Harry Potter film series’ first eight installments, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower (with Wizarding World actor and controversy-prone Ezra Miller) and The Bling Ring. It would appear likely that Warner Bros is pursuing her more aggressively than the other studios, although she hasn’t appeared in a film since 2019’s Little Women and is one of the more picky actors of her generation.

All of this puts Warner Bros in the situation of potentially having to pick between the return of one of the franchise’s original stars and the author who has significantly damaged the franchise through their public persona while simultaneously becoming more and more active in its growth. All we can do is wait to see what they decide.

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