Fans of “Harry Potter” want to experience the saga again, but from the perspective of these characters.

The muggle world and wizarding world are the two distinct universes in which Harry Potter is set. Not to add that there are wizards from America and other parts of Europe, which means the story extends beyond the UK. Fans are discussing which of the many characters they would like to see their viewpoints if the book series were redone from their point of view due to the abundance of characters.

People on the r/HarryPotter subreddit were asked by member u/TheChamberOfHugs which Harry Potter character they would like to hear from throughout the series. What did the other boys’ classmates think of the youngster who lived? What about the teachers who instructed the child and remained at Hogwarts throughout the Battle? Alternatively, the ministry had to deal with the youngster and those who knew him best.

Some fans recommended Harry’s friends Neville or Luna Lovegood outside the leading trio. Even though they weren’t present for the major battles, they were close to Potter during their time at Hogwarts. We also learn about how the other kids perceive them and how it has influenced their school experience, particularly Luna.

Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster, was another suggestion. He ran the institution, ensuring everyone was safe—especially in the Chamber of Secrets. But if you could also extend it to the faculty, why stop there? What were the professors contemplating throughout Harry’s time at Hogwarts?

Some fans are curious about the muggles’ emotions. Before they began to exhibit magical abilities, they led incredibly ordinary lives. After being transported to a magical realm, they discover that the most well-liked wizard in the entire wizarding world is not their only classmate. They have also survived many threats the school has faced.

More particularly, Dean Thomas thought he was a muggle-born child and was unaware that his father was a wizard.

Fans are especially interested in Voldemort’s perspective as he slowly regains his abilities and body and makes an attempt to assassinate Harry Potter. When the Big Bad finds out that Harry has arrived at Hogwarts, what was he thinking behind the scenes? Was he even justified in what he did, or was he just a crazy wizard?

Harry Potter has ultimately brought many characters to the wizarding community. They were involved in his life somehow, even though their tales weren’t as epic as those of the boy who lived.

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