Harry Potter: 10 Memes That Summarized Draco Malfoy As A Character

These memes emphasise how despite Draco Malfoy’s impressive redemption story, he will always be remembered for his conceit.

In Harry Potter, there were a lot of characters who had grey areas. Draco Malfoy was one such character who was viewed as not so awful by some and pure evil by others and had a tremendous redemption arc in certain movies but not in others. He was first portrayed as a young villain who had been raised with racist ideals by his parents and gradually became sucked into the perverse ways of the dark side.

Malfoy, to his credit, did strive to improve as he got older. Still, as a character, he will be regarded as the ideal antagonist to the friendly and kind Harry, which resulted in some notoriety for his antics. Draco Malfoy is an essential part of the wizarding community, and memes are the internet language.

1. A Not-So-Smooth Introduction

Draco attempted to win Harry’s favour at the start of their first year at Hogwarts, but he was unsuccessful. Malfoy didn’t take the most excellent course of action since he sought to disparage Harry’s newest buddy Ron because of his appearance and wealth. Still, he also failed to comprehend the relationship between his family and Harry’s.
Even if Harry had accepted his handshake, he would have known quickly that the connection couldn’t endure because Malfoy’s family was a crucial source of support for Voldemort. In any case, Draco took the rejection personally and turned against Harry.

2. A Surprise Prophet

Year after year, Malfoy’s worst characteristics came out, and his contact with Harry, Ginny, and the rest of the Weasleys was significant in many ways. He ridiculed and tormented Harry when he could, but this particular remark about Harry obtaining a girlfriend seemed oddly prescient. Fans contrast the former Slytherin prefect with Trelawney, making it evident that, in their opinion, Draco was considerably more adept at foretelling the future than any of Trelawney’s methods.

3. Ferret Malfoy

Mad-Eye, played by Barty Crouch Jr., Not merely because of the Polyjuice Potion, Moody was the worst professor that Hogwarts had ever had. When Moody felt it was okay to turn a pupil into a ferret who happened to be Malfoy, Draco was left to bear the brunt of his horrible methods. Malfoy will always be known for spending a brief time as a ferret, shoved down Crabbe and Goyle’s pants, and then saved by McGonagall. Although it may have been against the law, the arrogant young guy learned a valuable lesson.

4. Pottah!

Fans adore and remember Draco’s pronunciation, especially of the name of his deadliest foe. Tom Felton effectively conveyed the arrogance in the young Slytherin’s tone of voice, which made his portrayal of the character unpleasant and compelling. One word was the most common phrase he used: “Pottah!” Malfoy’s use of the moniker always gave admirers the impression that misfortune or a terrible time was coming their way. He had signed it.

5. Draco And Buckbeak

Draco Malfoy was not known for his bravery, courage, or honesty, and his deceit when he attempted to get Hagrid into problems with the law was on plain show. He disregarded the Gamekeeper’s advice to treat Buckbeak carefully and made the most of the situation when he was assaulted. Draco blew the little scratch out of proportion and nearly succeeded in having the Hippogriff and Hagrid expelled due to his antics. Draco was well-known throughout the school for his acting and guile.

6. The Main Character

Fans debate whether the protagonist or antagonist is the better character since Harry and Draco are frequently pitted against one another. Draco would have been the main character—certainly in his mind—and the book names would have been very different and less cryptic. Except for the sixth and seventh chapters, Malfoy’s career high points were less significant. The Nimbus Two Thousand and One, Buckbeak, the lost friendship with Harry, and telling on Harry to Umbridge were the things that mattered most to him.

7. Draco And The Dark Mark

Draco had placed in the worst situation by Voldemort in Half-Blood Prince for someone who had cruised through the first five years at Hogwarts. After spoiled and coddled by his parents, he had to commit heinous crimes to protect his family from the Dark Lord. To accomplish that, he had forced to associate even more intimately with the evil in the wizarding community. He had forced to join Death Eaters and receive the Dark Mark against his will. It almost appeared that he and his closest buddies had the same tattoo.

8. Draco’s Father Will Hear About This

Draco respected Lucius Malfoy, although he was not the ideal father. He believed that Lucius had great power, which he did. And that he could sway their opinions by using that power to control others. Because of this, Draco could not function in his school environment without making threats about what his father may do to other students. He had intimidated practically everyone on the Hogwarts campus about his power and the danger they could get into for interfering with him. Whether it was Ron, Hermione, Harry, Hagrid, or even Dumbledore.

9. That… Hug

Draco had not known for his ability to be romantic. And the series never once made his love life the main subject. He didn’t physically interact with anyone over the eight films (unless Hermione’s punch to the face qualifies). Except for a hug from Lord Voldemort. Malfoy didn’t seem to enjoy being the sole teenager. If not the only person in the world, to be welcomed by the Dark Lord. With that hug, he received the short end of the stick.

10. Draco’s Evolution

The fact that viewers could see the ensemble mature with each Harry Potter film sets those films apart. Draco’s development was equally fascinating from the first through the seventh year. Particularly in the latter two years when he turned inward and became increasingly conflicted. His most significant transformation, though, occurred in his fourth year. When, for a short period, he took the form of a rat (cute and fuzzy, no doubt) before returning to his human form. He did have a unique arc.

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