Harry Potter: 10 Times Hermione Proved She Was Actually A Bad Friend

Hermione does a lot of growing through the series. She starts struggling to make friends due to her tendency to behave a little bit like a know-it-all, but she doesn’t eventually make connections. However, throughout the series, Hermione’s know-it-all nature takes over and leads her to be a poor friend. In both the books and the movies, Hermione’s quotes prove that some of her worst characteristics can sometimes let her friends down.

She’s Overly Critical

“Are You Sure That’s A Real Spell? Well, It’s Not Very Good, Is It?”

Harry and Ron first met Hermione on the Hogwarts Express, and she didn’t precisely rub them the right way. She criticized Ron’s wand work, showed off some of her own (illegal) magic, and embarrassed Ron by pointing out his dirty face.

She’s Judgmental

“Honestly, Don’t You Two Read?”

Ron and Harry are some of the most intelligent characters in Harry Potter, but they never felt the need to pour over books like Hermione. However, she still judges their decision not to read day in and out and ridicules them for not having the knowledge that she would have just shared with them anyway.

She Is Far From Comforting

“No, Harry. Even In The Wizarding World, Hearing Voices Isn’t A Good Sign.”

When Harry shares that he has heard voices, Hermione encourages him to keep it to himself. If she had not scared him into staying silent, he might have taken his fears to Dumbledore, and the whole “Champer of Secrets” situation could have been avoided.

She Is Impatient

“Yes! I’ve Already Agreed It Was Fishy Harry!”

This is clear throughout the series when she disagrees with one of Harry’s theories. When Harry was sure that Malfoy was a Death Eater, Hermione became exasperated. She snapped at Harry, stating that she agreed that Malfoy’s behavior was suspicious but refusing to entertain Harry’s theory (which ended up being correct).

She Disregards The Opinions Of Others

“But He Didn’t Get The Job, Did He? So He Never Got The Chance To Find A Founder’s Object There And Hide It In The School!”

In Deathly Hallows, Harry is convinced that a Horcrux was hidden at Hogwarts. However, Hermione felt that Voldemort had never had time to hide a Horcrux there, so searching the castle was out of the question. It didn’t matter that Harry’s opinions had often been proven to be accurate; her opinion was all that mattered. The decision to not search Hogwarts sooner was one of the most frustrating decisions that Hermione made, but to be fair, and things might not have worked out as well if they had.

She Puts Her Anger In The Wrong Places

“Don’t You Tell Me What To Do, Harry Potter! Don’t You Dare!”

When Ron left the group in Deathly Hallows, Hermione was heartbroken. Harry provided her with comfort as best he could, such as in the famous dancing scene from the movie. When Harry found Ron in the forest, he was excited to bring him back to the tent and show Hermione who had returned. However, Hermione took her anger at Ron out on Harry as well. Harry tried to stand up for Ron, but Hermione would not have it. Despite how he had cared for her, she didn’t treat him very well at that moment.

She Doesn’t Trust Others’ Intuition

“You Need To Practice. It’s All A Matter Of Confidence, Harry”

Harry’s wand got broken by one of Hermione’s rebounding spells. She felt terrible about it and apologized repeatedly. Harry knew it wasn’t entirely her fault and did his best not to take his anger out on her. However, what frustrated him was how Hermione refused to believe that the wand that Ron had stolen from a snatcher would not work for him properly.

She Won’t Admit When She Could Be Wrong

.”But That’s – I’m Sorry, But That’s Completely Ridiculous! How Can I Possibly Prove It Doesn’t Exist?”

When Hermione is told to prove that the Hallows don’t exist, she becomes frustrated. She states that anyone could believe in anything with that logic since most things cannot be proven not to exist. Xenophilius tells her that this is precisely true, calling her closed-minded. This enrages Hermione, but Harry realizes that Xenophilius is right.

She Is Overly Stubborn

“But The Deathly Hallows Can’t Exist, Ron!”

No matter the evidence the others gave or how much they tried to convince her to open her mind to the possibility, she would not budge. Of course, she was wrong, but her stubbornness led her to treat her friends rather poorly over the issue.

She Can Be Manipulative To Get Her Way

“But I Only Said That To Try And Persuade You To Come To The Lovegood’s! I Didn’t Believe It!”

Hermione had been sure that the Deathly Hallows were important, but Harry was not convinced, feeling that Dumbledore would have told him about them if they were. Hermione used his own words against him, telling him that Dumbledore likely didn’t tell him about the Hallows since they are something that he needed to work out for himself.

After talking to Xenophilius, Harry and Hermione switched places. Harry was convinced of their importance, while Hermione found the whole story laughable. Harry pointed out what she had said before, and in frustration, she admitted to manipulating him to get what she had wanted. This was incredibly frustrating to Harry, considering all the leads Hermione had disregarded, only for her to go to such length to explore her ideas.

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