Harry Potter: 8 Facts About the Chamber of Secrets the Movie Left Out

Although reasonably accurate, the Harry Potter films still omitted some details regarding the Chamber of Secrets.
The duration of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was two hours and 54 minutes. While it may have seemed like a lengthy film, there wasn’t enough time to cover all of the information in the book.
For instance, Harry and his friend discovered much more about the Chamber of Secrets than was implied in the film. There was even more to learn about the Chamber than Harry had so far been able to find out.

1. The Only (Known) Additional Location-Designed by a Founder

Salazar Slytherin is the only Hogwarts founder we know who successfully snuck into a different location. Of course, the founding members had all established their own Houses. But Slytherin went one step farther and included a Chamber of Secrets. He didn’t tell the other founders about this, hence the moniker.
Slytherin most likely did this when he and the other founders debated who had the right to enter the school and who did not. As you may remember, Slytherin was adamantly opposed to admitting anyone other than purebloods to the school.

2. Original Purpose?

It’s possible that the Chamber of Secrets’ original use was for something else. Apart from housing a massive Basilisk, that is. The Chamber of Secrets was allegedly intended to serve as Salazar Slytherin’s headquarters. He probably taught kids here about topics that the other founders disapproved of. We are aware that there is a slight discrepancy. Like Dumbledore’s Army, it had done with the Room of Requirement. Though it’s more likely that Slytherin was instructing Dark Arts in this instance rather than Defense Against the Dark Arts.

3. A Trapdoor

We realise it isn’t easy to believe. Not always was the Chamber of Secrets located in a lavatory. Initially, a trapdoor provided entry to the Chamber. Like the bathroom entry, this trapdoor was likely hidden.
The Chamber of Secrets finally ended up buried under a school restroom because Hogwarts needed modernisation. Bathrooms weren’t even a thing when the Chamber was constructed (and believe us, you’re happier not knowing the specifics of what occurred earlier). Therefore, Slytherin couldn’t plan for this.

4. Corvinus Gaunt

The Chamber of Secrets was saved thanks to Corvinus Gaunt. He was there when Hogwarts’ restrooms were erected just over the Chamber of Secrets. When the magical construction was finished, he even saw that a new entrance was installed (how does one update feature inside a magical building like Hogwarts?). There’s a chance that the Chamber of Secrets might have perished if Corvinus Gaunt hadn’t been there. Nevertheless, it’s possible that was for the best.

5. The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened already.

Even if we don’t know the specifics, we do know that Tom Riddle wasn’t the first person to open the Chamber of Secrets. Even though many still thought the Chamber was a myth, people were aware of it by that point.
Since Corvinus Gaunt had to conceal and modify the entrance when the toilets were erected, we can confidently presume that he was the one to open the Chamber of Secrets. Additionally, it appears likely that more than one family member developed a curiosity over time. However, any girl would have found it simpler to satisfy their curiosity.

6. The Gaunts and the Rumor Mill

The Gaunts did not act as discretely as they could or ought to have. Any Parselmouth might have heard and understood the Basilisk, but it is infrequent for anyone outside the Gaunt family to possess this talent.
The Chamber should have remained a secret as a result (at least, right up until the Basilisk started killing students). However, despite not being widely believed, the Chamber of Secrets became a well-known secret. That indicates that some Gaunt family members spoke out about it.
In actuality, this makes a lot of sense. The few Gaunt members we’ve encountered were arrogant and open about their hatred for anyone who wasn’t like them. The Chamber being mentioned as a danger by them would not be at all unexpected. The only real surprise is that they chose not to use it themselves.

7. Headmasters & Historians Alike Had Searched for it

Historians, Headmistresses, and Headmasters have searched for the Chamber of Secrets. And nobody had ever been able to find it before Harry, and his friends stepped in. The lack of Parseltongue proficiency among them is probably to blame for this. However, Slytherin was able to keep this a secret for as long as he did is both astonishing and unexpected. It’s probably for the best that he should count himself lucky that the Room of Requirement wasn’t able to assist with the search. After a student died, the infamous Moaning Mytle, the hunt for the Chamber of Secrets reached a fever pitch. And even then, it was still kept a secret. Nevertheless, the search forced Tom Riddle to abandon his plans.

8. A Symbol of His Pride

Throughout his time at Hogwarts, Salazar Slytherin grew more assured of his significance to the institution. It appears that his opinion of himself had risen to an abnormal degree by the time he constructed the Chamber of Secrets unless the furnishings have something to say about it.
There was a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, but there were many other things. Who can forget the enormous statue of Salazar Slytherin, along with the signs, plaques, and symbols that feature snakes? Also, keep in mind that Salazar himself, as well as the Slytherin House, were represented by snakes (thanks to his gift with parseltongue).
It makes sense why the founders ultimately had to kick Slytherin out. He had probably ceased paying attention to their opinions long ago if these remnants indicate his pride.

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