‘Harry Potter’ Character Colin Creevey is Now a Real-Life Pro Photographer

In the Harry Potter world, Colin Creevey is a boy who adores photography and is Harry Potter’s biggest fan. Unbeknownst to many, the Muggle actor who portrayed Creevey in popular films has grown up and is now a successful real-life photographer.
Hugh Mitchell was raised in Winchester, an ancient English city that is frequently rated as one of the happiest locations in the UK. His life was forever altered when he discovered that the Harry Potter movies held auditions.

Mitchell tells PetaPixel, “At school, I wasn’t crazy about theatre, but I was in the occasional school play. “One day, I noticed fax from Warner Bros. advertising an audition call for the upcoming second Harry Potter film on the notice board. The fact that it was faxed indicates how long ago this was. Even then, I was aware of how significant it was, so I decided to apply, motivated by the support of my friends and the notion that I had nothing to lose.

“To make a long story short, I made it through three nerve-wracking rounds of auditions before being selected to play Colin Creevey. It was utterly insane!

In the Harry Potter books, Colin Creevey is a Gryffindor student born a Muggle and looks up to Harry Potter despite being a year younger.

Mitchell claims, “Even for someone conversant with the world of filmmaking (which I was not), the experience [of starring in Harry Potter] was unlike any other. The anticipation of being on set, donning the costume, meeting the performers, and working with a team was thrilling and horrifying, with numerous “pinch me” moments. There is more waiting than most people think.

I’m incredibly pleased to have been a part of it because, of course, it has affected how the rest of my life has developed.

Following his role in Harry Potter, Mitchell joined a London acting company. He continued his career as an actor for the following 15 years, including appearances in TV series, motion pictures, and some West End plays. Like most actors, he also had a few “normal” side jobs because of their erratic work schedules.

However, Mitchell ultimately decided to shift his attention from acting to one of his other passions: photography.

I ultimately decided to move past that and pursue my passion for photography, adds Mitchell. I now work as a full-time photographer, specialising in headshots, weddings, landscapes, and a little product photography. Although it is more unpredictable, I have far more control over it, there is a tonne of variety, and I interact with incredible people.

Mitchell developed a passion for photography early on. His father was an enthusiastic photographer; when he was ten, he won a Pentax film camera in a magazine contest.

I believe that having a camera in your hands as a young child might play a significant influence, he asserts. But until a few years ago, when it all became about landscapes and the way photography matches up so beautifully with a fondness for the outdoors, a bug I also had, I didn’t take it seriously as a hobby. I discovered Simon Baxter’s and Thomas Heaton’s landscape photography channels on YouTube, and they both, to use a cliché, put a little fire under me.

I received a spot on one of their seminars in the Lake District as a birthday gift; it remains one of the happiest weeks of my life. At that point, I began to consider pursuing a career as a full-time photographer.

Mitchell has expanded into several other genres after falling in love with landscape photography, including commissioned work and wedding photography.

With my professional work, I’m now adopting a broader perspective. With the modest danger of having too many fingers in too many pies. He says. “I fell in love with learning about portraiture’s various methods and techniques. Largely thanks to other photographers like Sean Tucker.

“Light, composition, and exposure are essential elements in all areas of photography. Yet landscapes and portraits are two entirely different animals. I also didn’t anticipate getting into wedding photography because I always believed it would be too stressful for me. And although that’s true, it’s also a tonne of fun and highly fulfilling.
In terms of equipment, Mitchell currently uses a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 6D Mark I DSLR.

“[The cameras] these days are old-school choices,” Mitchell explains. However, they are adaptable, dependable, and durable, and the L-series lenses produce beautiful results. But I’m sure I’ll eventually join the mirrorless revolution.

“I also utilise Godox strobes and modifiers and a Manfrotto 190 carbon fibre tripod.”

In contrast to other performers who might try to disassociate themselves from a well-known childhood part. Mitchell is content to embrace his past role as Creevey while advancing his new profession. Although Mitchell isn’t afraid to admit his affinity for Harry Potter. He says, “I can understand the perspective of not wanting something you did as a youngster to define you for the rest of the time.” “As adults, we want to carve out our paths and produce meaningful work that can stand alone. So, it is my photography-related goal.

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