Harry Potter Fans Almost Destroyed a Real Life Cemetery

There are many real-life graves for fictional characters like James Bond, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Nicolas Cage, as we’ve previously mentioned. Superfans of Harry Potter have flocked to a cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland, to pay their respects to the genocidal maniac who tried to murder a baby?

Yes, Greyfriars Cemetery is the site of Voldemort’s final resting place, sort of. There’s a headstone for “Tom Riddell,” which is quite likely what prompted former Edinburgh resident J.K. Rowling to give her villain the moniker “Tom Riddle.” There’s also a grave for a “McGonagall” and a “Moodie” in the cemetery, which may or may not have inspired their fictitious wizard namesakes. Naturally, for Potter enthusiasts who cannot afford a trip to Universal Studios, this has become a popular tourist attraction.

However, there are several essential drawbacks to this discovery. For some reason, admirers began littering the graveyard with notes to this real-life deceased man’s fictional counterpart. The cemetery was forced to clear up regularly “out of respect to the family.” Also, having the name “Voldemort” scrawled across their ancestor’s memorial is unlikely to have pleased the Riddell family.

This is similar to what happened in Wales, where fans built a shrine for Dobby the house-elf on the beach where his death scene was filmed, which had to be destroyed and relocated because “Harry Potter fans were endangering the environment.”
At least no one was desecrating an ancient grave with the name of a noseless creep created solely to terrify children in that case.

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