Harry Potter: Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s Most Annoying Decisions

While die-hard Harry Potter fans regard the series as immaculate, there are a few instances in which Harry, Ron, and Hermione made less-than-ideal judgments.
The camaraderie between the 3 main characters is one of the main reasons why die-hard Harry Potter fans adore the book. Each of the three companions contributes a different component to the stories, with Hermione being intellectual, the Ron being the comic relief, and Harry being the bold leader.

However, the qualities of all three personalities are counterbalanced by their significant shortcomings. There have been numerous instances in which Harry Potter fans have been disappointed with the series’s main characters, including Ron’s lack of motivation, Hermione’s stubbornness, and Harry’s rash judgments.

When Harry wasn’t paying attention to Snape’s lessons

Though fans weren’t particularly fond of Snape as a character until the final film revealed the truth about him, they were annoyed with Harry when he didn’t pay attention during Snape’s Occlumency classes. While some viewers may understand why Harry refused to listen to Snape because of their rough and confusing connection owing to Snape’s initially hostile attitude, it was still necessary for him to try his most challenging.

As a result, Harry’s failure to pay attention to Snape subsequently came back to bite him when he tried to apply the course information in life-threatening situations, making him recognize Snape’s actual motives in assisting him. It still irritates Harry that he was wasting Snape’s time when he was willing to help Harry in his education.

When Ron Refused To Be Serious About The Wizarding World

It’s no secret that Ron did not live up to his wizarding potential throughout the series. While this concept is crucial to his persona, people sometimes question how he managed to get so far without knowing anything about his trade.

Ron would be seen not paying attention in class or acting as the class clown multiple times in the movie, which was funny and disappointing. Fans have often wondered how Ron fits in with such outstanding wizards as Harry Potter and Hermione, some even claiming that Hermione deserved better than Ron.

During the Chamber Of Secrets Mayhem, Hermione wandered off by herself.

While Hermione is clever, with some believing she is the best wizard, she has been too daring for her good on various occasions. Hermione took it upon herself to roam around Hogwarts alone when the Chamber of Secrets opened, which came back to the bite her when she saw the deadly Basilisk.

Though she saved the day by obtaining the book’s page on the creature’s complete history, it was a close call that astonished fans. Fans are still stunned that she did such a thing, given her usual cautious and planned demeanor.

When Harry Returned From The Triwizard Tournament To Assist Cedric

While fans understand that Harry must always do the right thing as the primary protagonist, it hasn’t prevented many from wishing he had just won the Triwizard Cup. It’s possible that Harry’s death could have been avoided if he hadn’t returned to help Cedric.
The maze scene was challenging because fans could see how close Harry was to winning the competition, and many were irritated to see him throw it all away to help his rival. While it’s impossible to say whether Cedric’s life would have been spared due to the competition’s high death toll in the past, it would have saved Harry a lot of trouble with Voldemort if Harry had just won the cup.

When Ron dated Lavender to enrage Hermione

Ron following random classmate Lavender Brown was one storyline aspect that irritated fans. Even though Lavender had good intentions, some viewers thought their relationship was ludicrous and unnecessary because they lacked actual chemistry, at least not like Ron and Hermione.

Though it’s evident that Ron had no genuine feelings for Lavender, it was the fact that he was willing to harm Hermione rather than being honest about his thoughts and taking the initiative with her that enraged people.

Hermione’s Attempt To Take On Bellatrix Lestrange

For various reasons, fans believe Hermione should have used her vast knowledge of spells and brains to devise a plot to free herself from Bellatrix’s clutches in Deathly Hallows: Part One. If Harry, Dobby, and Ron hadn’t come to her rescue, she might have been stuck if she hadn’t planned and devised her escape strategy.

Though, understandably, fighting back against such a powerful dark wizard could be dangerous for Hermione and possibly make things worse, some viewers believe she could have done it without the boys’ help. It could have even been her chance to shine without the boys’ use and finally end Lestrange’s reign of terror, thus saving Dobby’s life.

When Harry stood by and saw Dumbledore’s assassination without intervening

At the time of the publishing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, many couldn’t believe Harry didn’t try to save Dumbledore’s life. Even though Harry’s interjection could have been harmful, viewers anticipated him to attempt, given how he routinely weasels his way out of dangerous situations.
Given how important Dumbledore was to Harry as a mentor, it was annoying to see Harry stand by and see such a horrible event unfold. While it’s evident why Dumbledore’s death was intentionally conducted in the way it was in the subsequent films, that didn’t stop fans from being heartbroken and puzzled in 2009.

When Ron’s Jealousy Went Too Far

Ron’s envy stunted him on multiple occasions over the series, and his scared tendencies caused him to return. Ron’s concerns would arise in response to Harry’s success and fear of losing Hermione.

The force of the locket Horcrux was one scenario where Ron lost control; yet, it was clear that Ron felt like a third wheel in the Horcrux quest when he watched Harry and Hermione bonding and comforting each other. True fans know that Harry and Hermione have never had a meaningful relationship, so it was difficult for spectators to witness Ron respond so dramatically and refuse to help the hunt any further.

When Harry Was Reckless With Unforgivable Curses

Harry’s hesitation in applying the killing curse when he hadn’t hesitated to employ unforgivable curses in the past was an out-of-character moment for fans. While the Avada Kedavra spell is on a whole new level of evil, they thought Harry was hypocritical by acting as if he would fall too low when he was so careless with hazardous spells like Imperius Cruciatus and attempted Crucio.

Given Harry’s dread of turning evil, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want to employ the death spell, which Dark Arts practitioners primarily utilize. On the other hand, Fans can’t help but think of all the havoc he could have avoided if he’d just killed Lord Voldemort once and for all.

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