Harry Potter star pokes fun at West End co-star with the ‘Gryffin-dork’ joke.

On the set of 2:22, A Ghost Story, the famous actor, who played terrible guy Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film franchise, has been pranking his fellow West End co-stars.
As part of the cast of 2:22, A Ghost Story, Harry Potter star Tom Felton has been involved in a wizardly prank battle with a fellow West End co-star.

Tom returned to his Criterion Theatre dressing room in London earlier this week to find his portrait on his door, complete with a wand, glasses, a lightning scar, and a speech bubble, according to Edinburgh Live.

“You shall not pass!” said the speech bubble from Lord of the Rings, not our beloved boy wizard series – a simple mistake, right?
“Someone’s been at my dressing room door,” Tom said in the caption of his Instagram image.

Tom has now exacted his vengeance on the culprit, Sam Swainsbury, a member of the 2:22 cast, with his own Harry Potter prank pair.
To begin, Sam shared a photo of himself standing next to a photoshopped facsimile of Hermione Granger’s headshot, complete with his face, spectacles, a lightning scar, and a Slytherin insignia.
“Someone’s been at MY door…” he captioned this Instagram image, referring to Tom’s previous post.

“Who would do such a thing?” Tom remarked humorously.

Fans laughed at the prank battle in the comments on Sam’s image, with one Instagram user writing: “Door wars is becoming even more entertaining!”

“You guys are taking this to a whole new level!!” remarked another.

“Such a joyful Slytherin!” wrote a third.

But, of course, the prank war does not end there – how could it, with a Slytherin in the mix?

Tom shared a photo of himself with a glum-faced Sam, referencing another altered poster of Sam on the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie cover.

” 2-1 to team [Slytherin] #gryffindork,” Tom captioned the photo.

Fans took to Tom’s comments to express their amusement at the situation, with one Instagram user adding, “Love the rivalry!”

“I think Sam secretly loves it!” commented another.

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