Harry Potter star slams Air Canada while travelling to Toronto.

An actor well-known for his part in the Harry Potter series took to Twitter on Friday to relate his experience travelling to Toronto with Air Canada.

In a tweet published on Friday, Matthew Lewis. Who played Neville Longbottom in all eight Harry Potter films. He referred to Air Canada as “the worst airline in North America.”

Lewis claims that on Friday morning, when he approached the gate without being given any prior warning or explanation, they ejected him from first class.

“Purely tearing up my ticket. The performer offered only the phrase “full flight” as an explanation.

“They advised me to contact customer support if I wanted to resolve the issue. What’s there? I inquired. I’m in Orlando. “Toronto.”

Lewis said he hadn’t yet arrived at Toronto Pearson to meet with an Air Canada employee in a statement to CTV News Toronto.

Customer service at Air Canada is terrible, he declared. And as a society, we shouldn’t accept that overbooking planes and ejecting passengers is a legitimate kind of profiting.

When contacted for comment, Air Canada informed CTV News Toronto that the matter was being looked into and that it was too soon to make any further comments.

Lewis is scheduled to appear at this year’s Fan Expo on Aug. 27 and 28.

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