Harry Potter’s Best Prequel Was Already-Written (Not Fantastic Beasts)

The Fantastic Beasts prequel movies by Warner Bros. were a failure. Therefore a better choice would be to tell the Marauders and Lily and James Potter’s narrative.
The most effective Harry Potter prequel books have already been published. Warner Bros. is anxious to expand the Harry Potter property, but sadly the production company is having difficulty doing it. Despite being a good attempt, the Fantastic Beasts movies generally failed, leaving the Wizarding World in limbo.

The Fantastic Beasts films first appeared to hold promise for developing the magical world through the adventures of Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander. However, they lost sight of the wonder and delight of discovery that had always been at the core of the series as they grew preoccupied with the preparation for a dark wizarding conflict. When Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling realized something wasn’t working, they changed course so that the films’ status as prequels became their crucial selling point. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’s marketing emphasized Albus Dumbledore more than Newt Scamander, indicating that the trilogy had become disjointed. It seems more likely that Fantastic Beasts 4 has been covertly shelved.
Over the past few years, the Harry Potter series has suffered dramatically, partly because Rowling has drawn more and more criticism. Ironically, the best possible strategy—one centered on James Potter and the Marauders—has already been established if a prequel series is the only thing that can succeed. Even before that, Rowling had previously written a prequel novel that was both printed online and sold in 2008 at a charity auction. Of course, more information was provided in the notable Harry Potter books, featuring several flashbacks made possible by magical devices like the Pensieve. By prominently showcasing Lily Potter, Harry’s Muggle-born mother, who would be the ideal window into the Wizarding World, this might maintain the air of awe that defined the Harry Potter movies.

Will A Marauders Movie Or TV Show Ever Happen?

There is no evidence that Rowling and Warner Bros. are developing a Marauders movie or a high-quality TV series. Such a program might start at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, follow the standard Harry Potter strategy of having each season cover a single academic year, and then possibly progress into the Wizarding War between Voldemort’s Death-Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix. Because it would be ideally suited to the kind of elaborate world-building and character arcs, the notion deserves, the latter could potentially be a wise turnaround.

True, a significant portion of the character arc is previously known. However, some of the memories discovered in the Pensieve imply that a large part of what Harry learned was likely shaped by the sentimental memories of those who cherished his parents. It would be fascinating to have the chance to spend real time with Lily and James Potter and their pals and observe how Hogwarts evolved under Albus Dumbledore’s direction. However, given that the Harry Potter films never really excelled at romance, the young romance between Lily and James Potter would make the show feel genuinely unique. There would be enormous power in allowing viewers to come to know Harry’s parents in a way that Harry himself could not accomplish since they were only 21 when they passed away.

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