Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch picks a big weekend to bring her new beau home to Ireland

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch has revealed she has a new French beau and has brought him home to Ireland to meet ‘the whole family at her sister’s wedding.

After dating Robbie Jarvis for almost ten years and playing Harry’s father in the fifth installment of the tale, the Louth actor who played Luna Lovegood ended their relationship in 2016.
It’s going well, Ms. Lynch said when questioned about him by RTÉ host Miriam O’Callaghan, who claimed to have had the “fortunate” of meeting Evanna’s “quite nice new boyfriend” before her show yesterday.

The actor, who now resides in London but is originally from Termonfeckin, said: “We met in London, he’s French, he’s calm.” I had the impression that everyone would be focusing on her because it was my sister’s wedding. But this weekend, he will meet the entire family.
He’s pretty bashful, she said, but she went on to say that she wasn’t concerned about the meeting because “he’s so easy to get along with.”

The 30-year-old woman, who has a younger brother and two elder sisters, expressed her joy at home with her family, saying, “It has changed in the previous few years.”

“Now that my sisters are adults and have children, life is busy!” But I enjoy returning home. It’s priceless.

After publishing her book last year, the part-time author and campaigner made an appearance at the Hinterland Festival of Literature and Arts in Kells yesterday.

She told RTÉ that after penning a memoir on her life, she feels confident enough to try her hand at fiction writing, something she’s wanted to do since she was a little ‘book nerd.’

Even though she’s always wanted to be an author, she admitted that it took her a while to get the courage to sit down and write.

I want to write fiction; I think that’s what I want to accomplish most of all!” However, it seriously intimidates me.

I know it’s cheesy and all that, but I liked it, Ms. Lynch said to Ms. O’Callaghan after placing third on Dancing with the Stars in the US in 2018.

“[It’s a] once-in-a-lifetime thing,” she continued, adding that it would likely cost thousands of pounds in professional dancing instruction. ‘I believe the Irish one was the offer, but my agent said, “We’ll make more money if you take the US one.”

She made a joke about teaming up with the RTÉ broadcaster, who laughed and said she would be “rubbish” if she appeared on the program.

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