If ‘Harry Potter’ characters had modern day technology

Most of the Harry Potter books are set in the 1990s, the characters do not have access to computers or cell phones, let alone the internet.

It’s a good thing they can perform magic; otherwise, they’d have no means of keeping themselves entertained. I recently re-read the Harry Potter books. It struck me how tech-free the stories are compared to today’s society, except for Dudley’s several televisions and Arthur Weasley’s interest in electricity. Which made me wonder what J.K. Rowling’s world would have been like if everyone had access to social media and the internet?

Things may have played out, from the DA’s WhatsApp group to Hagrid’s crazily unsubtle Instagram posts.

Dumbledore and Fudge would have had some interesting email conversations.

Dumbledore’s Army would communicate via WhatsApp.

Cedric Diggory would be all over Snapchat.

Voldemort’s Google search history as a teenager would have easily identified him.

Hagrid would have the most subtle Instagram account ever.

Dolores Umbridge’s Twitter feed would be full of passive-aggressive remarks.

And as her year at Hogwarts went, her feed would reflect her shifting moods.

Finally, Snape’s Facebook recollections would be a depressing experience.

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