Inside Daniel Radcliffe’s romance-with Erin Darke after meeting on film set

Daniel Radcliffe has been seeing Erin Darke since 2012. The Harry Potter actor joked that he “didn’t have to pretend” as he played her potential love interest because he “knew he was in trouble” the moment they met.
This weekend, Daniel Radcliffe will be 33, and it’s safe to assume that the actor will spend some time with his girlfriend, Erin Darke.

Daniel, a Harry Potter actor, and the 37-year-old have been dating since 2012. Daniel recently said in an interview that the couple is “pleased” together.

I’ve got a perfect life. He said to People in March this year. I’ve very much been dating my girlfriend for ten years. We are overjoyed.

In the play Kill Your Darlings set, Daniel and Erin first met and have been together ever since.

As they had to film a sex scene together for the movie, the two were undoubtedly tossed into the fire together.
Daniel previously remarked that it’d be a heck of a narrative to tell our kids one day because of what our characters do to each other.

This kind of excellent record of us meeting for the first time and flirting because our characters are meeting and interacting.

In a 2015 Playboy interview, actor Daniel said that his immediate connection to Erin made the scenes incredibly simple.

There isn’t any acting going on, at least not from my end, he declared.

She was clever and humorous. She makes me laugh once, and I’m laughing like myself and not like my character. I realized I had a problem.

The two later became close because of “how much we enjoy what we do.”

The couple collaborated on the comedy anthology series Miracle Workers, and Daniel expressed his hope that they will be able to do so again in the future. We enjoy [working together], but it’s not something we want to do constantly, he said in an interview with People. We first connected on camera, so working with her on Miracle Workers last year was extremely meaningful and enjoyable. Hopefully, we’ll have more opportunities in the future, but because we both write, it wouldn’t be wrong if we ever came up with something original.

Daniel and Erin hardly ever appear in the news, despite having successful professions in the spotlight. But Daniel hasn’t held back from raving over his long-term partner over the years. “I believe that’s the kind of relationship I always strive to have with someone I’m in a relationship with,” he told Us Weekly in 2014. You want to be best friends with that individual.

“In Erin’s case, we very certainly are.”
This year marks the couple’s tenth anniversary, but it doesn’t seem like a wedding is in the works just yet.

According to Daniel to Vulture, we’ve reached the point where “I’ve seen my wedding reported on numerous occasions.

“When you’re fairly certain that what you read about your partner is untrue, you start to discount it. I spent a week texting my family members to say things like, “I guarantee you will find out if I’m getting married from me and not Us Weekly.”

Daniel had dated various women before meeting and falling in love with Erin.
Before dating Erin, Daniel dated Rosie Coker, whom he had first met in 2007 while filming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

According to rumors, they didn’t start dating until 2011 because he wasn’t supposed to until the movie was finished. But they broke up in 2012, just before Daniel and Erin were said to start dating.

When the two were photographed traveling to Russia together in 2010, Daniel was also said to be in a relationship with Olive Uniacke. Later, Daniel and Robi Uniacke’s affluent daughter were spotted together in London. They didn’t explicitly say they were dating, though.

Daniel and Laura O’Toole started dating in 2007 and 2008 after they met at the West End production of Equus. Laura maintained the duo remained friends after their brief affair ended in 2008.

Daniel and I are still excellent friends, and she remarked that we enjoy ourselves when we see one another.

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